Bobby # 1 Nutrition Tip And It Has Nothing Do With Food

Bobby # 1 Nutrition Tip And It Has Nothing Do With Food

Who feels like they tend to eat better, when they are exercising more.?

This is common, I hear this all the time.

People I train tend to have better nutritional day on days they train.

So, my huge tips as simple as exercise everyday.

This can be playing sport, yoga, stretching or your regular workout routine. Make it something you love as much as possible

I rediscovered something, if we put certain thing in our daily routine that empowers us.

Everything becomes easier.

We have a better focus and mindset.

It;s easier eat right.

We feel a ton better and when you feel better, stuff becomes easier. We tend to make better choices.

It doesn’t have to be exercise, but that is great choice. Think about what things can you do daily to get you on fire.

Personally I started adding meditation, getting back to some martial arts and got outside to train.

Doing these things made feel amazing and productivity way went up.

See guys exercise can be amazing for fat loss and building muscle.

But, Exercise does just as much for brain ,mindset and hormones.

That can change your whole day.

This doesn’t’ have to be long, to get the brain and hormone benefits either.

Take 5-15 minutes and just move get your blood flowing and movement in to start the day.

I bet your nutrition will improve.

Our daily rituals and habits can change everything.

Take the time and get on fire

Relentlessly Grow


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Fall River Athlete’s Where Is Your Power At?

Speed Kills

It’s doesn’t matter, what sport you play. You need explosive speed and power.

Check out this video on

-Why does no train for speed?

-Why combat and team sports a little to develop these three things, build great power and speed.

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Fall River Athlete’s Is Your Training Make You Better Or Worse?

Hey guys

I’m coming at you guys  with , some knowledge on how step up your performance game.

In this video, we will go over

  • Why cookie cutter program you make you play worse
  • Three different energy system and which ones you should train for
  • Why everyone  needs cardiovascular training

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Why Don’t You Use More of……

Hey! Guys it’s been a couple days but I want to get back at you with a message.

I was watching a movie the other night; it was a pretty cool concept.
Movie was Called Lucy. Pretty much she got drugs placed her stomach. It was certain kind that made this girl uses a higher percentage of her brain capacity.

There a myth that you can use 10% of our brain, if that true or not. Not the point. Once she started using more, she could do all sorts of crazy stuff, control over gravity, control over people and everything came to her with ease.

So, my thought is why do we, so often. Choose not embrace and use more of our inner potential.

Think for moment if for 30 days you committed to unleashed more of your best self in all four areas of life.

You focused on you training and the food you eat, to increase how you feel, perform and look

What if you took time relax your head, so you could focus on much greater work when it’s needed?

What if the people that mean the world to, you actually acted like it

What if you took the times design the life that you want.

Why don’t we, embrace our best self-more

You’re capable of so much more.

Relentlessly Grow

P.S. Summer is around the corner, when is enough going me enough.

When will you  be ready to upgrade your life for good.

When will the stresses of not being able to  wear exactly what you want to wear stop.

When will you start putting you first, so you can get more out of life.
If you’re ready to step up, than make that time now

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Don’t Torch Yourself

Skin beat read, burnt all over and leather skin. This happens almost every summer.

I’m stubborn.  I’m always  warned and I know it but I do it any ways. I spend hours in the sun each summer without sun screen and I get fried.

I’m Irish and German, we are not really know for there tans.

Why am I telling you this?

One big lesson, I want you to get out of this.

Our capacity to handle stress. Any kind stress, physical(sun rays or training ), mental and emotionally. Are set right now. We have to push them to grow, but too much you got problem.

If you tend to push your limits to hard, you might already know. This can give you beat down and instead of helping you grow, it can set you back.

Stop doing things to fast. Know your limits and push past them a little more each week.

And you’ll be able to handle loads stress that make you better, not worse.

If you haven’t’ been working out, than training doubles 5x week, might not be the best.

If your nutrition has been full of processed foods, maybe doing strict paleo might not be the best solution either.

This is why a plan, that progresses you over time is the best for big and  long term results.

Rome wasn’t built in day, trust me I have tried.

HUGE NOTE- Lately I’ve been talking about about balance and smart progression a lot. This doesn’t not mean easy. It means smart, so you progress to where you want be. You still have to train hard , improve your habits and grow every week. Simple is not easy. We are stilling killing each workout and pushing our habits and self development each week.

But, if you want build a body and life that allows you to embrace everything that life has to offer.

Then, Remember smart plan + putting the work in each day = Results

Relentlessly Grow

P.S. I’m launching an Athletic program in a couple weeks. Custom workouts for young athletes to release there true potential , building confidence and dominate the competition. If you and your young athlete would like to sit down with me and see how we can build a better athlete. Private message me.

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The Under Used Exercise

I was thinking about single leg training this morning , how awesome single leg exercises are almost any goal. So, I made a video on it.


Check it out and you’ll learn why there great for

-Injury prevention.

-Building Muscle.

-Working any where

-Being better at your sport

-I’ll also show you my favorite two.

If your ready to finally commit and stop your frustration. Let’s schedule a desk date and talk.
Apply here



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Why Fitness Tips Suck……

Fitness tips can be amazing but for most people they suck and can cause us to gain more weight, get unhealthier and overwhelm us.


Check out this video and see

Why Fitness Tips Suck.

Why gathering information is form of procrastination.

Why just doing what know is the only way to get results , even if its not ideal.

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Power Of The Habit(Will Power Doesn’t Even Have To Work)

Too often people get stressed about all the stuff they have to do, all the stuff they have to give up and how hard it’s going be lose fat and build muscle.

Watch this video and learn why:

Habits are king

Willing things you hate can, never be maintained.

The three phases of building a super strong habit.



Think about what habits you need focus on the next 30 days, to level up. If your committed to it let’s sit down and talk.  Apply for desk date and let’s create a custom plan.

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