Why a 52 Week Transformation Challenge?

I’m looking for people to do my 52 week challenge, right now.

That might seem like  long time, what is up with that?

The longer I do this, I have realized a few things from the decade I’ve been training people.

-Things take long than expected.

-Things take more effort and planning than expected.

-Quick fixes never really work out in the long run.

-Set backs happen often, especially if you have kids, work full time and are married.

You may not like that, but it the truth about most of us have to deal with , change is hard, it takes time and when we need help for a while.

That is why I recommend this

Practice good nutrition and smart training habit, supervised by a coach for an 6- 18 months, have always been more effective. At least that is my experience, with the people I have worked with.

Look at Joe he lost over 100lbs and trained with me for year and half

Or Keith who trained with me for 2 years

or Joe who has been training with me for almost two years

Chris who trained with me for at least 6 months

Adam who ha been training with me for 8 months and is down 50 lbs

Great stuff takes time, so if your sick of going merry go around of quick fixes, extreme diets and workouts that you hate.

Apply for my 52 week challnge and get in the best shape of your life and stay there

Apply here


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Humble by burpies

I was a beast at burpies.



When I was doing Spartan races, back before it was the cool thing to do.


Even now I still got the fast and explosive burpie down.


I did a ton burpies in my training , sense if you miss an obstacle you had to do  30.


I could bang 30 fast and explosive . They were quick and high.


But, I remember being humbled at an event, one of my buds gym was running.


There  was a bunch challenges and one of them were 100 bupies with pushups. I didn’t really do that many burpie pushups sense most Spartan races didn’t require them.


I thought I would be the fastest, I wasn’t. It was definitely humbling.


Going fast and explosive or doing hard workout or even doing tough nutrition strategies has a time place.


But, if you approach every situation with that. Your bound to get humbled and stumble. Not that, it is a bad thing that is how we learn.


Going hard and all is great and fun. What I prefer actually. 


But, do that with a marathon and you’re in for rough day.


Do that with your regular daily nutrition, your bound to never drop weight or add muscle. Even develop eating issues.


Know when to go all out and when not to is huge mindset shift but it will create huge results as well.


My advice always do something no matter what.


Today with your training, fitness, health and nutrition.


Either go hard or go easy.


But, don’t do nothing.


Always do something


Think in the past month, where would of you been better off going harder and intense and where would it have been better to go a little easier, so you could be more consistent.


Need help figuring this out test drive us for 30 days or just $97





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Random Stuff That May Help You Get Lean By Labor Day

Hey guys labor day is coming up and if your some one that does great when you have to work towards a date. Setting some short term goals may help you. Try make a couple these habits, your goals!

I just wanted to share some random idea to that may help you lean out, add muscle and get really strong.

  1. Add 2-3 finisher to your workouts . Don’t abandon your strength training for cardio add 5 minute finisher. The ones I love are count downs, there fun , quick and effective at burning fat. Just pick a lower body and upper exercise. Than start at a certain rep range and work down .

Example- Jump squats and pushup 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

2. Any time meals and post workout meal. This by far the simplest way to boost fat loss. Just eat protein , veggies, fruit with each meal. Than the meals that occur after your hard session, add your favorite carbs to it. More meal idea check out this free resource.

3. Add fun cardio on off days. Do low intensity cardio on your off days to recover better and boost a little more fat loss. But, do ones that don’t beat the body up and that you enjoy. I like walking my dog, boxing, sled dragging or some pick up games.

4. Nothing is too small- There will be days where you don’t want to do the work. You won’t want to lift, or workout or eat healthy. On those days it is huge win to just do something. Don’t get caught in the all or nothing dogma. Drink a gallon of water while not eating the best, is better than not eating the best. A 5 minute workouts is better than nothing.

Try this for the next 30 days always do something. No missing

  1. Pick one thing positive to do with your nutrition , it can be big or small.
  2. Move in some way it can be an hour session at the gym or 5 minutes doing bodyweight squats or push ups, just get it in.
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I Fell On The Ground After These Sprints

I did a leg day and finished with some tough sprints on the sled after , I fell on the ground and just took a moment, to gather myself.

Today was completely different did 5 minutes of stretching and mobility and finished with tempo runs on the sled . Which just mean your sprinting 70% effort with long rest.

I felt vey different today. I had a lot more energetic afterwards and felt like I could do a lot more. Which is a great indicator a recovery workout gone well.

Every workout doesn’t have be tough and brutal to be effective. It doesn’t have to be tough at all. (I just like to train like that way, people get results from zumba and watching what they eat)

If your like me, it ok to push yourself but every workout doesn’t need too be intense.

Actually it shouldn’t be that is counter productive for most of things we are tying accomplish like

Building Muscle

Losing belly fat

Get strong

Bering energetic throughout the day.

If we don’t recover we don’t get results. Recovery is just as important as training hard. Sometimes we forget that.

Here is a couple guidelines, I put together for you to help you recover aka get better results.

  • Try not to do 2-3 hard workouts in row.
  • Instead of a complete rest days do something active on your off days play with kids, go for walks etc, this works better than doing nothing and sitting on our bums.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours sleep and try get as much of that as possible before 12am.
  • Use foam roll or lacrosee ball to roll out tight muscle .
  • Eat a protein and fruit or veggie with each meal

Hope that helps

If your looking for some help with your nutrition, check out this free resource I put together with precision nutrition. Click the picture.

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Is Cardio A Must To Lose Fat?

When you think weight loss, fat loss or getting ripped?

You might be thinking, of all the cardio you have to do.

Things like do higher reps might come to mind as well.

The truth is fat loss comes down to nutrition and sleep mostly.

People don’t gain weight because there not jogging, or spending hour on the treadmill.

But, because of we may eat  and the stress we are under and the lack of sleep. Or all three,

Now, if you like doing cardio , go for it dig in .

As long as you know it not a must, especially the kinds most people hate like running, cardio machines etc.

Here 3 ways you can lose fat by exercising . But, like I said if you sleep like shit and are not working on improving your nutrition, you bound for disappointment, even with this. Need nutrition help click here 

  1. Lift- This is the most important and effective, because if you done right. It burn a crap a tons calories and ensures that the weight, you lose is from fat, not muscle. This is important because less muscle means, slower fat loss and when you do lose fat, you might not have the look your looking for.

2. Move every day, doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it doesn’t beat you up. Finding something active that you like to do for at least 5-30 minutes per day. This will help burn calories, recover and keep your motivation up. Walks, hikes, riding a bike, pick up games, light jogging are great, have fun with it.

  3. last thing you may want to add 1-2 two tough conditioning sessions(These are things like sprints, intervals circuit training). For some this can really boost fat loss, but if you under sleep, constantly stressed and eat rough, these seems to have the opposite effect.  So, if that sounds like you, I would just lift and do low intensity movements on off days, as well as work on improving  your food and sleep

Here are a couple example

#1 Younger less stressful Guy

LIFT- Mon, Weds, Fri

Daily movements  walking there dog 15-30 minutes per day

Sprints after Wednesday workout and Saturday Circuit training

#2 Example Busy and stressed out Dad

Lifts Tues Thursday and Saturday morning

Daily movements- Does 5-15 minutes of body weight exercises, when he wakes up , like squats, pushups, lunges, planks and goes for 15 minute jog or run , when he has a chance.

Does 1 sprint session after Saturday sessions, but will skip it, if too busy, stressed out and opt for a walk, instead.

Do those things on a regular basis and great thing will happen.

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Getting Lean In Two Tips

When trying to lose fat for the summer there are couple problems.

We like to , what we like to eat. Not doing that can be very hard.

When we look for way to, it can be overwhelming as hell, with so many contradiction out there.

If you were break your nutrition down to these two steps you’d, dramatically decrease your aggravation and make the whole things a whole lot stress ful.

Check these out and start doing them 90% of the time.

1.Eat lean proteins and a plant with every eating opportunity.  Eat those from the best version you can on that day. Don’t try be prefect but, do the best you can in that moment.

This works awesome because they will both fill you up a ton, give you the nutrients your body needs and help support holding on to the muscle you have.

2. Eat slowly and until 80% full. We are so busy, we have lost all sense of our internal cues that tell us to stop eating. Instead of stressing out about calories equation and tracking your macros and calories. Do these.

Eat slowly using one of these three methods

  1. Time how long it takes you to eat on the average, slow down and try add 2-5 minutes on to that.
  2. Try take 10-15 bites, for each thing you put in your mouth.
  3. After very bite put down utensil and don’t pick it a back up to your done chewing.

When you get good at that. Start to  stop eating when you feel 80% full. Which isn’t exact number, it based on what feel 80% feels like. This make you constantly check in and to see how hungry you still are and start to build out natural hunger cues. Let it guide to better portion sizes.

Master those two, you’ll lose weight. But, you’ have to do 80-90% of the time.


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What Is The Best Cardio To Do

Summer is here and that means people are trying lean out or get ripped

Before we dive into what is the form of cardio are best for this. Let get this straight.

Your nutrtion and sleep are going give you 80-90% of your fat loss. The soon you accept that and improve on that, the better.

If your doing cardio to get lean, get your nutrtion and sleep in check.

Let get into this. I like to decide cardio or conditioning into three categories

High intensity- So these are things like all sprint up hill, on sled, treadmill or machines. Intervals with body weight, kb exercises, crossfit circuits, ropes etc

This is great for making cardio fun, or maybe suck deepending on your personalty. The benfits it will boost your calorie burning ability for 24 hours after. Also can release fat burning hormones and as well help build or maintain strength and muscle.

The bad is if you don’t’ sleep or eat well or just have a lot stress, it might be too much and do more harm than good.This is because the intensity is so high, it takes time and resources to recover from it. If your not giving your body those things, it most likely, will not work well for you. Especially if your doing strength session on top of it.

I like to do 1-3 hard session per week. I like to do one after a strength work and one on Saturday by it self. This seems to promote better recovery. Recovery means better results.

2nd category is moderate intensity this things like spin class, running or even biking hard for long stances. Maybe a sport like a pick up game, kickboxing session or grappling.

It hard but nor as intense as intervals. This can be good if you like these things. But, if combined it with other intense workout might really beat you up. Too much of can make it hard to keep your muscle mass, while your leaning out.

I probably like this the least for people who want be strong , have muscle, while getting lean. It’s hard to recover from and can eat away at some muscle , if done too much.

If you really like it do it 2-3x week 20-40 minutes

3rd category is low intensity.

So there are things like walking, swimming, biking, certain low bearing activity. This usually never fails to hard to do.

This is great because this type of cardio promotes recovery, burns calories but doesn’t effect your bodies recovery ability, so you can do it more often.

You can do this really every day.


If your goals is to just lose fat, while keeping the muscle or tone you currently have.

I’ll do low intensity as much as possible 3-5x week for at least 20- 40 minutes.

To accelerate a little fat loss , I recommend doing 1-2 high intensity sessions per week.

Now if your a running and love running just replace the high intensity one with some running a couple miles or 20-40 minutes.

I also want state, that the best of anything nutrtion, strength, or cardio program is the one you’ll actually do.  There is a lot weight in doing maybe the one you just enjoy the most

Hope this helped if you have nay questions let me know.

I’m running a 6 week challnge and if you want start to get lean and build muscle. This is your opportunity. Apply below

Apply here

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Procrastinators Guide To Adding Muscle And Losing Weight This Summer

June is a day away and if you don’t have the fitness, body and weight loss, yet you might be a little down.

I don’t like quick fixes or short term programs but these three stratgies can, really boost some quick results in a month or two.

I actually gave similar advice to my cousin , when he had to drop some quick pounds for his air force test.

Listen carefully and hit me up with any questions you got.

  1. Nutrition is king, when it comes to all your fitness goals. Follow this simple guideline.

Anytime meals- Which can be eaten any time. Eat a protein source, veggies or fruit and some healthy fats if you want. Lay of starchy carbs or anything with a lot of sugar. A couple examples are

-eggs and bacon with some berries

-2 container of greek yogurt equaling 30 g protein and an apple

-Greek salad with extra chicken

-Steak tips, veggies and maybe some fruit for desert

Post workout meals- Which are meal only eaten after you train hard like lift weights, or do sprints or something like that. You’ll still have protein, veggies but you’ll add starchy carbs like bread, rice or potatoes , etc  Here are few examples

-veggie omelet with , home fries

-Rice bowl-jasmine rice, saute veggies, chicken , a little cheese or guacamole

-Salmon with sliced baked sweet potato and saute asparagus

-Desert idea, mash a sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter for something sweet after dinner.

Tip- Try to eat foods you really like, while still staying with in those guidelines, doesn’t have to be as bad as you may think.

2. Train for strength, go into the gym 2-4x week and focus on getting strong with a variation of the following exercises

the squat

the deadlift

chest press





This will burn a lot calories in the gym, burn extra calories post workout and release fat burning and muscle building hormones. Don’t train hard for more than two day in row. Example might be train Mon, weds fri and sat to do some hard intervals.

3 Sprint or intervals – Doing intense conditioning is great it will boost your metabolic rate but too much , start to give diminishing returns stick to two high quality sessions a week.

Example 1 sprint a distance as fast as you can walk back repeat 6-12x

Example 2 Do each of these exercises for 30 sec on and 30 sec off, go through it 3 x in circuit fashions.



jump squats


farmer walk

4. Add as many low intensity cardio as possible. This stuff is just little extra but can really boost a fat loss if you have everything else down first. Pick a low intensity version of cardio like riding bike, walking, hiking, cardio machines, swimming Do 20-60 minute session as much as possible.

These are great because your body doesn’t need to recover from them, so you can do them a ton and they will also help you recover from your harder workouts.

To review what you’ll do

  1. Follow the anytime and post workout meals
  2.  Get strong
  3. Do sprints
  4. Move a lot

Any questions?

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How To Start Getting Strong And Building Muscle, If Your A Beginner?

If your to looking to build muscle and strength, but have very little experience.

First, you have to understand that you want over load the muscles, you want to grow.

All that mean is that your making the exercise harder, usually by doing more reps, sets or doing more weight.

If your new to this I follow this these steps.

First focus on learning the basic moves and becoming great at them. Just learning how to do basics exercises well, without really using a ton weight, will get a newbie pretty far.

Learn the squat, push up/chest press, some type lunge, rows and dead lift.

Than say your pretty good at them.

Start to hit sets of reps 5-12 reps. For 2-3 sets.

Than you once you can do all sets with certain weight with the target reps, with ease. Add weight and stay there until you can do that weight, easily for the reps you want .

Example say your doing squat 3×8. You pick 100lbs, the first set you get 8, than 7 and than 5. Stay with that weight each week, until you can get for 8 reps across the board, than go up.

There are other ways to over load your muscle, but this way is great, because you’ll

-Learn to do the exercises faster and master perfect technique.

-You wont get in the trap of adding weight and using shitty form, which will just get hurt and keep you weak.

Start with that and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out, this blog. I appreciate you.


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Simple Training Tweak For Stressed Out People

When it comes to getting results a few things a essential

-Strength training

-Nutrition(Eating nutrient dense food and in the right amount for your goals)

-Recovery from training

If your not recovery from your workouts, your leaving gains on the table and making it easier to hold on to belly fat.

If your

A type a person

Always stressed

Always running A rounds

Frequently Get poor quality sleep

Expose yourself to constant news, social media , etc

This is for you.

See stress may be holding you back, you need more time in between intense workouts and you benefit more from getting more sleep and doing this simple tweak to recover better.

The High , low training method

This is simple and is great way to recover better and get results.

Basically you reduce or stop doing two intense day in row. So, you wouldn’t lift on Monday , than do hard intervals on Tuesday. Sense there both kinda of intense. You would might lift on Monday and Tuesday do something low intensity  like walking, hiking, swimming or some mobility, yoga, things like that.

Try this routine

Mon upper body or full body strength work ,with sprints afterwards or intervals

Tuesday low intensity maybe 30-60 minute walk

Weds Lower body session

Thursday lower intensity again

Friday Upper body or full body, doing intervals intensity afterward or save it for Saturday.

If your constantly beat up ,stressed or stuck. Try this for the next 30 days and watch your energy, strength and fat loss improve.

If your able to sleep and relax a little more, you’ll find yourself getting even more results.

Want give us a try for free, click here 


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