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Dark Side Of Crossfit & Wods

I had a client this morning comment on how much more she felt an exercise we did than last week.

She is about 3 weeks in.

This is due to building coordination, skill, and mind-muscle connection.

The better you at an exercise the more effective it can be and you able to push it harder

Things like WODS or workout of the week aren’t a great idea.

We need time to learn and master the exercises and then push them hard AF.

If you’re always learning new exercises your probably not training that hard.

This is why we run workouts for 4 weeks trying to progress each week before we do a different work out.

If you like to give one of our workouts a try, message me , first one is on me.

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Stop Comparing Yourself

I was talking skateboarding with my little brother the other day.

He mentioned he learned the ollie in a day.

It took me like a year to do this.

I watched endless videos.

Read article after article.

I loved skateboarding.

It was my life.

But, I was never that good.

Friends who barely skated could bust out double kickflips just for fun.

Skating was not only my first introduction to physical fitness. As before I only ever played video games for fun .

And the only physical thing I ever did was yard work and chores my Dad made me do.

But, it taught me some times ,your not going be good at things and if you want to improve you’ll have to work hard and long.

You might have to work harder, longer than others.

I had to learn to be ok.

You see many people see others, who they feel can lose weight easier or build muscle faster.

They focus too much energy on that, instead of their mindset,  habits, and consistency.

The truth it really doesn’t matter, if it comes easier to them.

It’s about you, it doesn’t change what you have to do, at the end of the day.

It’s just a waste of energy. You could be using it to grow and improve.

If you really want to achieve that goal of yours.

You have to do the work required.

Focus on you.

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3 Form Of Cardio Worth Doing!

#1 tempo intervals


  • 10s 70% speed or effort
  • Active recovery for 40-60s
  • 15-30 minutes
  • Can be done 2-4x a week.


It builds aerobic fitness without doing the same thing over and over.

Also, a recovery workout, to boost recovery in between hard workouts.

#2 Walking

How ?

  • Put one foot in front of the other
  • 10 minutes +
  • Can be done daily.


The only form of cardio that won’t stress the body.

It’s available to almost anyone.

It is a good way to burn calories without increasing hunger.

Won’t beat up your joints.

#3 HIT


  • Go all out for 10-30s
  • Recover 60- 120s or until your HR gets to around 130.
  • Use exercise you can do fast and explosive but won’t beat your joints up.
  • 10-20 minutes
  • 1 maybe 2x week.

A little goes a long way with this one.


Increases power

Can temporarily boost your metabolism

Increase recovery ability

It’s fun

What is your favorite form of cardio?

Need Help ! Join my 30 Day Challenge

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How To Make Fat Loss Easier!

Fat loss and losing weight are hard.

At the end of the day, it’s all about eating less.

But, like most things, there is more to it than that.

It’s hard to eat less when you’re always hungry.

This is where the food type comes into play.

It’s hard to cut calories if you’re eating a bunch of junk. Junk food makes us hungrier and eats up our calories fast.

What makes eating less easier.

Is to get your protein up. Shooting for at least .7g per pound of body weight of protein or higher.

This helps us control our blood sugar and fills us up.

If you’re struggling to lose weight try upping your protein for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.

If you need help, losing weight try my 30 day challenge, it includes

  • 3 workouts each week
  • personalized nutrition coaching
  • Accountability
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You Can’t Neglect This, If You Like To Change Your Body

It’s a New Year and you have goals.

That is awesome. But, what derails many people. Are injuries!

If you can’t train consistently, you can’t change your body and health.

  • No fat loss
  • No muscle
  • No improving your fitness and health.

2 ways not to get banged up are

  • Warm-up properly
  • Trains movements that your body loves.

Let’s start with the warm-up.

A few things we want a warm-up to do.

  • Warm-up the body temperature.
  • Loosen tight muscles
  • Put your joint in ideal alignment.
  • Practice movements you’ll do later.
  • Ramp your nervous system, for a great session.

A warm-up should look like this

Exercise 1 – Stretch tight muscles that will limit you. These are often front side muscles like the chest, front hip, and front thigh.

Exercise 2- Core, we want to do an exercise to activate your core. This will get your core muscles ready but also allow your hips to be more flexible.

Exercise 3 Backside, we want to activate the back side. This is due to the backside muscles are often weaker and need more work to get going. Doing so will also put your joints centered for a safe workout.

Exercise 4 Movement prep, is where we practice the most important move, we will do in the workout. This is usually the exercise that you’ll go most intense with. I usually program two exercises here. Example bodyweight squat and pushups for 3 sets of 3. We are trying to perfect our form, so when we add weight later. We are ready to rock.

Exercise 5. Power, we want to get our nervous system ready to work hard, do a few sets of low rep power exercises. Jumps. Sprints or throws. Have these go with what you will train. For example on leg day, do jumps and on an upper day, do throws.

In my next, blog I’ll go over training movements your body loves. But, for now, make sure your warm-up is right.

Here are some same warm-ups examples

  • Leg day warm-up
  • Couch stretch 60s per
  • SidePlank 2x 20s
  • Bridges 2x 10
  • Light kb squat 3 reps, then a light kb RDL 3 reps for 3 sets
  • Box jump 3 sets of 3 reps
  • Upper day warm-up
  • Pec stretch 30s per side
  • Birddog 2×5
  • Band pull apart 2x 20
  • Easy push-up and rows 3 sets of 3
  • Medicine Ball Slam 3x 3
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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Gym Time?

We are all busy, so we want to make sure the time in the gym, is helping us.

2 ways to do this are to focus on fundamental movements, instead of body parts.

And go deep on a few exercises, instead of doing many.

Fundamental movements are movements that we, made to. When we wrap our training, around this, we tend to

Get strong and build muscle easier

Burn more calories

Become resilient to injuries

The movements are


single leg

Hip hinge

Upper push

Upper Pull

Locomotion, like walking, sprinting, jogging and loaded carries

So, throughout the week, we want to hit each movement at least twice. By doing this you will supercharge your results and get a great workout in less time.

The next thing is to stop doing a bunch of work, that is subpar and start working hard at just a few things. We can do that by

Doing more warm-up sets.

Focus on great form and control.

Rest properly, so we can go harder with each exercise.

A great example of this is my basic leg day


Hip Hinge

Single-Leg Exercise

Hamstring or glute work.

On paper, it doesn’t look like much but, when we focus on the things above. It is a kick-ass workout, that produces results.

Take these 2 tips and get after it today.

By the way…..

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Better Than HIT

HIT is regarded as the king of fitness and losing fat.

But, there is something much better.

Actually, when this was taken away from people during the shutdown.

This easily was the reason people gained 10,20 and even 30lbs of fat.

Here is the cool thing, it is not hard to do and it won’t leave you exhausted in a puddle of your sweat.

It is NEAT

Nonexercise activity thermogenesis

Yes, it is better and more effective than HIT in most ways.

NEAT is all the movement we do that isn’t planned exercise. Here are a few examples.

Going to work, walking to your car, then inside the building, then going from meeting to meeting all day or walking stairs, etc….

Small movements you do all day.

It’s leaving your house to grab lunch or dinner, as well as picking your kids up from school. So much of this stuff, we stopped doing.

It is going for walks or walking your dog.

Playing with your kids.

All of this was taken away during the shutdown, people suffered big time.

Now, that people are trying to get back into shape, they are thinking super intense workouts.

There is nothing wrong with that, but if you aren’t back to work, intentionally getting your NEAT up will pay off big time.

NEAT can burn 1000 calories a day or more, where even the most grueling workout will get you maybe 200-500 calories.

If you are not back to work or you have a sit-down job here are two ways to drive up NEAT, get lean and improve your fitness and health.

#1 Track steps on your phone or tracker, shoot for higher daily averages. 10,000 is usually the standard but if you’re doing 2000, and get up to 5000. That is going to make a big impact.

#2 Not into the tracking thing. Start a daily walk practice at least 10 minutes a day. Let’s be honest we all have 10 minutes. Do it in the am, on a lunch break, or in the evening. You’ll be surprised how effective a nice walk can be when done daily.

Before you worry about the HIT sessions, get your NEAT up.

By the way, if you’re looking for a great training program to pair with your NEAT.

I’m looking for personal training clients

I have open session at:

6,7,9am and 430,5,530 pm Mon-Fri

All programs come with a free Saturday Group Workout.

E-mail me if you are interested.

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Why does strength training rule all other workouts?

Fitness can be broken down into a few modalities
Mobility and flexibility
Power/ speed
Resiliency injury prevention

Strength training is the only one that will positively affect all 4 in a big way.

This is the reason why most of my client’s workouts are strength-based and why I spend most of my workout time lifting.

To get all the benefits, there is a certain way to lift. Here are the top focused

Mostly compound exercises
Lift heavy for low to high reps
Lift pristine form and control
Rest properly
Do more overall work on weaker muscles usually, these are the upper back, hamstrings glutes, and core
You warm up properly

If you need help getting into shape, check this out.

My results in advanced program

Get results at a discount before you invest

Get 2 personal training sessions a week

1 team training session a week

Nutrition coaching

Weekly nutrition Q and A

Online support group

A training app to log your workouts and get extra workouts

All for just $149 for 30 days

Fill out a form if you are interested.

30 Day

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Fall River Would Take This Magic Pill For Fatloss

What if I told you . that there is a brand new supplement., that will

-Build muscle and strength

-Reduce sickness and diseases

-Fight off cravings and hunger

-Boost your energy throughout the day

-Increase your metabolism and burn fat

Would you take it?

I’m sure you would.

This is literally what sleep does and honesty much more.

But, everyone is looking for quick fixes and what is trendy now.

Often, we need to develop the discipline to do the basic stuff.

  • Better sleep
  • Getting Strong
  • Eat lots of protein, fruits, veggies and drinking plenty of water
  • Eating enough calories
  • Being active daily.

Stick with the basics


By the way, I’m looking for 5 people, who want to feel strong, build lean muscle and improve their eating habits.

To participate in my 21 Day Strong Academy. If that is you e-mail me at

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2 Things To Do ASAP To Supercharge Your Results

I got to see my nephew, play baseball, Sunday. I don’t see him much, because he lives in Connecticut.

And, many other members of my family were there commented, on how big I looked, muscle wise.

It got me thinking how much, I really have changed my body, since I started my journey, 15 years ago.

Many people workout, but some never seem to change there body.

This is due, to many reason , work ethic, consistency, and diet.

But, I’m going talk about 2 concrete things, you can do in the gym TODAY, that will get your body changing.

Get super strong.

Build muscle mass

Help suport getting leaner

#1 Weight changes everything. I posted my lower body lift the other day on Instagram.

It was simple post



split squats

back extension

Reverse hyper extension

Doesn’t seem so crazy, but this can literally be a tail of two different workouts.

One version by going through the motions and not adding to much weight

The other, each lift maximum loaded , so at the end of each set your spent.

Your sweating, muscles are pumped and heart rate racing.

Not only do these two workout feel different, but man the results you’ll get are night and day.

As simple as it may seem, next time your in the gym, go heavy.

You should only be able to do couple more reps, past your rep range.

If your doing a set of squats for 8 reps, you want to pick a weight, that only allows you to do 10 reps max.

#2 The glue that makes this work.

Don’t get going heavy confused, were not look for heavy weight with crappy form and partial ranges of motion.

What makes this work is, pushing the weight heavy and than focusing all your mental and physical power, on doing it great.

To perform and each reps with max control and effort.

You have to own the move, no fast lowering of the weight, and no crappy form.

When you go as heavy as you can, while maintaining great form and control, that when the magic happens.

More muscles

Less injuries

Stromger msucles and bones

Help with fat loss

Key take away

  1. Lift heavy. You should only be able to get a couple more reps, after your prescribed reps

2. Learn how to do the exercises, with great form. Focus on great control and maximally tension the muscles your working

If you give this a try, let me know what you think.


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