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Do You Want To Stop Gassing Out On The Mat, Improve Your BJJ Performance And Stay Healthy!

BJJ Strength & Conditioning
1 on 1 Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

I’m Bobby Collins, BJJ brown belt and personal trainer of 15 years.

Coming Back To BJJ

5 years ago, I recommitted to my BJJ journey. After a few months , I was hooked again. I bumped my membership up to unlimited. I have been training BJJ 7-10 sessions per week for the last 5 years.

In this time I went from white -brown belt. It’s been a blast.

BJJ strength & conditioning

But, something interested I noticed, it seems like many BJJ practitioner:

  • Are constantly getting hurt and having to take time off.
  • Gassing out and being forced to take rounds off.
  • BJJ is beating them up and making them constantly sore.

But, for me I was having the opposite experience

  • I was steadily improving month after month.
  • My gas tank was great. I always felt that, I had few more rounds in the tank.
  • I have avoided major injuries and long breaks.
  • I’m almost never sore from BJJ and happily can train Mon-Sat almost every week.

My strength and conditioning of 20 years seem to serve me . It seemed, I had built a solid foundation of the attributes to progress and stay healthy in this sport.

But, then their would be other fit guys, that would come in but they didn’t seem to fare as well.

core training for bjj

The Key To BJJ Performance

Then it hit me, my training is based around the development of all physical qualities.

  • Explosive power
  • Heavy weight for low reps, for strength,
  • Higher reps for building muscle and muscular endurance.
  • I often incorporated functional strength exercise.
  • For a few years I did 10+ OCR races, which gave me a great base of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

BJJ Strength & Conditioning

BJJ strength and conditioning isn’t about mimicking the sport in the weight room.

But, developing the physical qualities, you need in BJJ

  • Explosive power, to dominate the scrambles.
  • Maximum, strength , to super charge all your technique.
  • Muscular endurance to have strong grips all round.
  • Aerobic conditioning, to be able to roll for hours.
  • Mobility to avoid injuries and being able to pull off your moves.
  • Joint resiliency to decrease your chances of a major injury.
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Helping Other BJJ Practitioner

This past year, I have committed to to providing BJJ practitioner with the very best BJJ strength and conditioning advice.

I wanted to share the knowledge of what truly works for BJJ strength and conditioning. I started writing articles 2x a month and posting BJJ strength tips daily on Instagram.

Check out dozens of articles on Strength and conditioning for BJJ here

BJJ Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Now, I have launched my BJJ Strength and Conditioning Coaching Program for guys who need a little more help.

This designed to help guys who want to

  • Supercharge their BJJ performance
  • Get hurt less and recover faster
  • Build a huge gas tank
  • Train BJJ for life 🙂

If that sounds like you……

You would be the perfect fit for this program.

Fill out the application below and let’s get started

This is a 1 on 1 coaching program. Because the attention I give to each one of my clients. I can only take on 10 guys per month.

This program is 100% customized to you.

This program is done 100% online/remotely.

  • Which allows you to train at your favorite gym.
  • Train when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Train with me from anywhere in the worlds.

Although, this is an investment. You’ll get more training out of this program, then your typical 1 on 1 personal trainer.

A 1 on 1 personal trainer can cost between $50-100$ for just 1 session.

You’ll you get’ 2-4 workouts each week for less then $65/ per week with this program

BJJ strength & Conditioning Coaching Program

Here is how this program works

  • We start with an initial assessment to get to know you and where your at. So, I can write you the very best program.
  • New customized BJJ strength and conditioning programs delivered to you each month.
  • Weekly check ins to keep you on track
  • Access to me Monday-Friday as question come up and if you need to send me form videos.
  • Nutrition guide to supercharge your recovery and performance in the gym as well as on the mats.

If you’re ready to supercharge your BJJ, fill out the application now

So I do not diminish the quality of this service. I’m only going to take on 10 clients this month.

So, don’t wait…. Once, I reach my limit, I’m going to shut this down.

100% Guarantee Results

I’m positive you’ll improve your BJJ performance, recover faster and feel your best or…..

I’ll give you your money back.

But, I do require a 3 month initial commitment. It’s going to take time, consistency and effort to get results.

If you’re not willing to put in the work for that long, you will not see much progress anyway.

But, if after 3 months, you’re not happy with your results. I’ll give you 100% money back guarantee.

That won’t happen if you follow the plan 🥋😁

This is a win -win. You having nothing to lose.

I’m going to take all the guess work out of training.

Just show up and work hard.

You’ll transform your BJJ performance and longevity.