Arm Bar Athletic Program

Fellow 🥋BJJ Athletes & Enthusiast :

How would you like to be stronger💪 and more explosive💥 on the mat?

My name is Bobby Collins ! I’m a 3 Stripe BJJ Brown Belt and personal trainer for 15 years.

BJJ strength & conditioning

I have put together a program to help BJJ guys/gals like yourself. To avoid the common pitfalls of BJJ.

  • Constantly getting hurt and under recovering.
  • Getting overpowered and smashed, by guys who are technically inferior to you.
  • Gassing out on the mats and taking too many rounds off.
  • Dealing with slow progress(becoming more athletic is a game changer)

Coming from an extensive strength and conditioning back round. I rarely struggled with those issues.

I realized our fitness and well being plays a huge role in the quality of our BJJ journey.

It’s simple, by:

  • Getting stronger and more explosive on the mats.
  • Dealing with less injuries.
  • Being able to recover quicker, so we can get in more high quality training sessions.
  • Improve out conditioning, so we can stop gassing out so easily

We can progress faster in this martial art and every training session becomes more effective.

And since we aren’t always hurt and gassing out. It is often hell of lot more fun too.

This is why I created The 90 Day Arm Bar Athletic Program !

For a little less then $9 per day, you can get 1 on 1 coaching from any where in the worlds and fit these workouts on your own time. No more being at the mercy of a trainer’s schedule.

My program simple :

  1. I assessed where you are at and where you want to go . I ask you to answer some basic questions for me and record your self doing some basic movements. So, I can write you the most effective BJJ strength and Conditioning Program .
  2. Each Month , I write you a customized program for your goals and you do them on your own time and where you like to train. I deliver this via my training app.
  3. Access to me, to answer all your questions and check your form via e-mail. I’m taking all the guess work out of training. Just show up and do what I tell you.
  4. I check in with twice a week, to make sure your everything is going smoothly. And we’ll make adjustments as needed.
  5. Nutrition coaching comes with this program, so we cover all the basis. So , you can become a mat monster. Don’t understand the power a good nutrition plan who have on your BJJ performance.

If you are interested , fill out this form below and we’ll get started ASAP