How To Start Getting Strong And Building Muscle, If Your A Beginner?

If your to looking to build muscle and strength, but have very little experience.

First, you have to understand that you want over load the muscles, you want to grow.

All that mean is that your making the exercise harder, usually by doing more reps, sets or doing more weight.

If your new to this I follow this these steps.

First focus on learning the basic moves and becoming great at them. Just learning how to do basics exercises well, without really using a ton weight, will get a newbie pretty far.

Learn the squat, push up/chest press, some type lunge, rows and dead lift.

Than say your pretty good at them.

Start to hit sets of reps 5-12 reps. For 2-3 sets.

Than you once you can do all sets with certain weight with the target reps, with ease. Add weight and stay there until you can do that weight, easily for the reps you want .

Example say your doing squat 3×8. You pick 100lbs, the first set you get 8, than 7 and than 5. Stay with that weight each week, until you can get for 8 reps across the board, than go up.

There are other ways to over load your muscle, but this way is great, because you’ll

-Learn to do the exercises faster and master perfect technique.

-You wont get in the trap of adding weight and using shitty form, which will just get hurt and keep you weak.

Start with that and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out, this blog. I appreciate you.


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