5 Steps To Droping Inches And Build Lean Muscle

This weekend was beautiful. Reminds me that spring and summer are right around the corner.

Soon people will be rushing around try to drop pounds by doing tall these crazy things.

If you don’t want be one of those people. Make it easy.

All you got do is start doing these 5 simple things today.

5 Ways To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

  1. Slow it down

Eat slower and eat until your 80% full. You want eat less but counting calories can be tough and sometime inaccurate. If you can focus on slowing how fast you eat, put your food down in between bites. Pay attention to how you feel after each bite.

Get in tune with this 80% done feeling you’ll start dropping weight. This isn’t an exact science. So don’t worry about being perfect or even knowing what 80% is. Think of fullness as a rating 1-10. After each bite, think about how you feel and where your at stop at 8. Or another one is eat on smaller plates or think of it like leaving a few bites on your plate. When you make this habit you’ll start eating less automatically and starting dropping weight.

2. Where are your proteins and vegetables ?

Eat plenty of unprocessed proteins and vegetables. These will help build muscle, get fuller faster and burn fat better. Eat sources you enjoy, in way you enjoy. To often we force our self to eat foods we hate . Focus more on this.

What high proteins food do you really like and what vegetable;es do you really like?

How can you cook or prepare them so you enjoy them the best?

Example over cooked baked Chicken and boiled veggies aren’t my thing.

But I really enjoy nice piece of baked salmon and saute asparagus with oil and garlic.

3.Where is your water?

Drink plenty of water. Start your day with a tall glass and drink all day. Super simple but huge. I can always tell when I don’t drink enough water. I start to feel my hunger out get of control and realize that haven’t drank much today.

4. Lift

Lift some weights. Your not going get that tone look unless you challenge your muscle. Try to do more weight or reps each week. Focus on compounds moves like squats, deadlifts, rows lunges, pushups and rows.

5. Where are your zzzzzzzzzzzz?

Sleep 6-8 hours of sleep, get in the habit of going bed early and find fun ways to be active on your off days. Sleep is one of the simplest but effective way to have more energy lose more weight and build muscle. But, no ones focus on.

Shoot for 7-9 hours a sleep, the more sleep you get before midnight. The better quality it is.

On off days you’ll recover faster, feel better and burn more calories by finding fun ways to move. Try things you enjoys like walks, your favorite classes, sports or activity.

Simple stuff here guys. Results are not in the complicated but doing the simple stuff really well

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