Simple Training Tweak For Stressed Out People

When it comes to getting results a few things a essential

-Strength training

-Nutrition(Eating nutrient dense food and in the right amount for your goals)

-Recovery from training

If your not recovery from your workouts, your leaving gains on the table and making it easier to hold on to belly fat.

If your

A type a person

Always stressed

Always running A rounds

Frequently Get poor quality sleep

Expose yourself to constant news, social media , etc

This is for you.

See stress may be holding you back, you need more time in between intense workouts and you benefit more from getting more sleep and doing this simple tweak to recover better.

The High , low training method

This is simple and is great way to recover better and get results.

Basically you reduce or stop doing two intense day in row. So, you wouldn’t lift on Monday , than do hard intervals on Tuesday. Sense there both kinda of intense. You would might lift on Monday and Tuesday do something low intensity ¬†like walking, hiking, swimming or some mobility, yoga, things like that.

Try this routine

Mon upper body or full body strength work ,with sprints afterwards or intervals

Tuesday low intensity maybe 30-60 minute walk

Weds Lower body session

Thursday lower intensity again

Friday Upper body or full body, doing intervals intensity afterward or save it for Saturday.

If your constantly beat up ,stressed or stuck. Try this for the next 30 days and watch your energy, strength and fat loss improve.

If your able to sleep and relax a little more, you’ll find yourself getting even more results.

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