3 Way To Lean Out While Keeping Your muscle

When it is time to lose fat, as far as exercises goes. People go towards the jogging, cardio machines and other form of long duration cardio.

If you want to keep the muscle you have while dropping fat, you want do forms of cardio, conditioning that makes you use your muscle hard as you do the cardio.

Here are my three I like.

  1. Hill sprints- I love these things. My favorite way to train in the summer by far. You get some rays, great cardio workout and hormone benefits to help you keep your muscle mass and drop fat  . It simple , find a hill, sprint up it as fast you can, walk down and repeat to your favorite music.

  1. Loaded carries- Great to build raw strength, get your heart racing and awesome for your core to. Pick something up and carny for distance or time.  Farmer walk and rack walk with kettles bells are my favorite.

  1. Use strength and power exercise in circuit. You don’t want it to be, so intense it effects your lifting session but enough to get hear rate up and effect your conditioning. You can do this for time, interval, time total or specific rounds Something like this.

Kettlebell swings 8

pushup 8

jumping lunges 8/side

Do as many times as you can for 8 minutes, Rest for 2 minute repeats one more time for 4 minutes.

Pick one you like and do 2-3 x a week to lean out. Let me know how you like them.

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