Count Your Way To A New You

Want a simple way to improve your nutrtion, workouts and body.

As long as you can stop think and count 1-10. This will work for you.

You can expect to

-Improve your relationship with food.

-Drop inches and tone up.

-Have more energy, even after you eat.

-Get strong and confident.

We are going break this down into two strategy

Hunger games

Learn and Practice eating until 80% full. Regardless of what your eating. The better food you eat, the better this works.

But, the idea is to think of our hunger on a scale 1-10.  1 being your starving and 10 not at all because your full to the point your uncomfortable .

Our goal is ,when we are eating is take a bite of food, chew slowly. Stop and think, where are we on that scale. When your at  8 stop eating, regardless if your done eating. Throw it away or save it for later. Which can be toughed because we grow up learning to finish all the food on our plate.

This is not an exact number and will be different each time we eat. This is about eating slower, and thinking of eating and getting better at easing until your satisfied instead of until your stuffed. Some times this will be eating more and sometimes less.

The great thing about this is regardless, what you eat, you can work on this. You literally never have an excuse not work on this. It is always something you can work on.

Tip though, this works best when you eat mostly minimally processed foods. Also the most important time to do this when your starving,  eating your favorite foods and when your stressed out/pissed out.

RPE Scale 1-10

This a scale that is used to scale our perceived exertion after an exercise.

What we want is to shoot for, is after a resistance exercise is 7-9.

Think of this scale as 1 being easy like a paper weight and 10 being the hardest damn thing you ever did .

So say your doing set of squats for 8 reps. You would rest and ask your self , how hard did that feel from a scale 1-10.

If it’s an 8 your probably using a pretty good weight or exercises variation. Keep that for the rest of your sets

If it’s less than that, you want to up the resistance or difficulty some how. Unless your warming up or just learning the exercise.

This will ensure the exercises will help you build strength, muscle tone and boot your metabolism to burn fat.

Do these two and watch your body change, health and pant size change.

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