Bears, Dropping Inches And Building Muscle

If you were camping with a few of your best buds and all of sudden, boom your being chase by this big hungry beer.

To survive, you don’t have to be the fastest one out of your buds you, just can’t be slowest

This is exactly like exercise and nutrtion, that we screw up on.

We act like we only get results if we do perfect nutrtion and exercises. No wonder why so many of us are, all or nothing.

Which isn’t true , we just can’t always be doing the worst things.

When we start to realize and act on thi.s

We stop stopping and start getting better results with whole lot less stress too.

Here is what I mean, think of the worst and best thing you can do for your fitness and nutrtion.

Here is an example for dinner.

The worst thing may be something like a pizza or even worst maybe some chips and dip.

The best thing might be some salmon, with steamed veggie and  sweet potato .

But, what in between those two things.

Say on scale 1-10, the pizza is 1 and the salmon is 10. If you ate meal that was 5 or 7. You still get way better results than , the pizza at 1.  For example a 5 might cheese burger with side of asparagus instead of fries .

Let’s take a look at exercise

1 Is not doing anything to move or exercise .

10. I might have an intense strength workout with sprints after.

But, in between that I might 15 minute walk or 10 minute body weight workout at home. Or even 5 minutes of some type of exercise.

I’m still going get the feel good feeling, burn some calories and boost my energy by doing one of the above three.

Stop stopping. Keep going and don’t worry about being perfect just try not to do the worst possible things and you’ll ok.

Being consistent is way more important than being perfect


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