4 Habits To Master To…….

Drop inches , build a tone body and feel your best.

If you have been on the diet carousel for a while with, not much to show.

Try this way, it might just be what you have been looking for.

The things with diets, people are always starting and stopping. So, is the results that goes with it.

So, let’s try a different route.

Instead of a depriving diet.

Try to do these 5 habits systematically,

With each one, find ways to do it every day. Don’t just do it. But, master it keep trying to do it better and better each day.

For the time being forget about anything else besides these habits. Nothing else matter, except mastering and doing that habit every day.

Habit 1 Make time

Commit to making at least 10 minutes to yourself. Look at your calendar and make it happen. What you do with the time, isn’t important right now.

But, build the dedication and routine that you always make time for your self.

First two weeks, just do that. Here a few idea what you could do in the time you sketch out for yourself.

-Write down what you ate today?

-Exercise in some way.

-Breathe or stretch .

-Write down your goals or journal.

Again it’s not so much what you do, but building the skill of setting time for you.

Habit two Eat slowly

The next one is simple and might see kinda weird at first. But, eat slower. Eat whatever you want but eat slower no matter what.

-Set reminders, so you don’t forget at first.

-You can time your eating and try to be a little slower than you normally do.

-Put your food down when your chewing and take your time chewing each bite.

-Try to chew each bite 10-15 times .

-Make eating the only thing you do , get off your cell, lab top tv etc.

What this does is build a ton awareness about eating habits, food taster , hunger cues and also allow your stomach tell your brain it may be time to slow down.

At this point the only thing your doing is making time to exercises and eating slower

Habit 3 Eat until your 80% full.

One of the problems we have is that, we have to eat less to lose weight. But, everything around us tell us to eat more. We have lost the feelings of when to eat and when to stop eating.

Think about this?

How do you know when to eat? When hungry, when bored, when stressed, when it is a certain time, etc.

How do you know when to stop? When your plate is clean, when there nothing in the pan to eat, when your stuffed?

The goal of this habit is to slow down and stop when your 80% full.

Now that isn’t an exact number but it is something we want work on doing. And learning what 80% full feels like.

Simple way to do this is think of your hunger on scale

1-10, 1 is your not hungry at all and 10 your starving like never before.

Try to eat when your at an 8 and stop eating when your at 2 or 3.

Chew your food slow. Stop observe where your at. Still not full, eat more. Feeling full around 80%. Stop and if you have bite or two left. Throw it out or save it for later .

Doing this one is huge because it get’s you to learn how to eat less without feeling deprived. That is huge.

For the next two weeks you’ll make time, to exercises, eat slowly and start at least stop when your 80% full.

Habit 4 Eat protein with each meal

Include lean protein with each meal. So each time you eat add a palm of protein from

eggs or egg whites

chicken or turkey

lean meat beef or pork


greek yogurt or cottage cheese

protein supplement like, whey or plant based

beans and lentils

This will help you burn more fat, build muscle as well get you fuller faster.

Keep eating what you want just be sure sure to add protein every time you eat.

So now we are eating protein with each meal, eating until 80%full, eating slowly and making time for your self.

Habit 5 Eat your heaviest carb meals around your workout or post workout.

This is simple and great for fat loss. What ever carbs your eating if it is bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal plan to consume them after your workouts.

This is the best time they will be used without being turned into fat. Plus they will help your recover fast as well build muscle.

This is great way to use carbs to recover without going too crazy if your don’t do well on high carb diet.

Example say you workout at 5pm  for dinner at 7pm have serving of your protein and a carb you like.

During the other meals try to have a little less carbs. (If that’s hard for you right now, just worry about having a carb after you train)

So for these two weeks we are making  time to exercises, eating slowly until we are 80% full , having lean protein with each meals and eating carbs with the meal after we train.

If you get this far your probably have less fat , more muscle and feeling pretty good.

The key is focusing on the habits at hand and don’t worry or look ahead. This is about building skills not seeing, how much you can take on a once.

If your going do this, let me know how it works out for you.


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