6 Reason Why You Wont Look And Feel Your Best

2nd Day of Spring is here and with that the nice weather will soon follow.

With warm weather comes a little more motivation to drop fat and tone up. So, you can feel your best, this summer.

When we feel our best we are happier and more productive people.

But, if you get stuck feel self conscious and crappy at the beach o ther many of the cookouts you’ll go to this year. That is no fun.

It’s not just about losing fat and building muscle. But, it is how it makes you feel and in turn become and do.

6 Reason Why You Wont Look And Feel Your Best

  1. Your not consistent. You only do things when you feel like it , instead of dedicating to something. Your all or nothing. Truthfully that turns into a whole lot of nothing most of the time, especially when your busy and stressed. If that sounds like you check this article out


2. You’ll focus too much on fads when it comes to nutrtion like detoxes, going no carb, no dairy and gluten free. Instead of working on the classics that work.

3. You’ll neglect strength training and in the process get less and less toned even if you do lose some weight.

  1. You will spend more time beating yourself up and being mad about your slip ups. Than learning from your mistakes and how you can move and eat better, a little better each day.
  2. You’ll neglect recovery that body needs to get results ┬álike sleep, relaxing, soft tissue work and walks.
  3. You’ll try to do things that are too advanced for you, get worn out and quit.

There you have 6 ways if you avoid, you’ll be good.

But, do you know what I hate, blogs that tell you what is wrong. But, than don’t even point in the right direction.

I wont do you, like that.

Here 6 Way to lose inches and feel good.

  1. Strength train 3 x week working these moves squat, dead lifts, push up or press, lunge and a row. Learn how to do them and than get stronger at them each week.
  2. Start to eat slowly and pay attention to when you know it’s time to slow.
  3. Don’t worry about cutting everything out so fast. Add minimally possessed proteins, fruits and vegetables to ll your meals.

4. Drink 1-2 cups of water before each meal.

5. Move every day or at least 6 days week. This could be a walk, a strength session, sport/hobbie or quick 5 minute workout in the am to wake you up.

6. ADVANCED TIP- Eat starchy carbs on your strength days like rice and potato with your meals and cut them out on the other days

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