nuvision_action_image_storefront_1493603From: Bobby Collins
Owner and Fall River Personal Trainer
One More Rep Fitness

Dear Friend:

  • Are you frustrated because your clothes are too tight and you can’t seem to lose weight quickly?
  • Are you afraid you look older than you are and you don’t feel sexy anymore?
  • Do you have trouble sticking to a diet and feel miserable because you just can’t seem to lose weight?

My name is Bobby Collins and I’m a Fall River personal trainer, and the owner of One More Rep Fitness, located in Fall River, MA.

I started working out seriously when I was 17 years old and have never looked back. I started out as a scrawny kid who hated the way I looked. But no more! But the road to get to where I am today wasn’t easy. Like you, I made a lot of mistakes and listened to bad advice.

You see, I’d joined a gym and worked out with a basic routine that the gym trainer wrote for me. But I hated it! It was boring and it took forever for me to see even the slightest change in my body. It was clear that gym was only interested in collecting membership fees, not helping their clients reach their fitness goal.

Around that time, a friend of mine suggested I try his gym. He’d been doing high-intensity, full-body workouts with super sets, circuit and interval training and getting amazing results. So I quit my gym and joined my friends gym.

I am so glad that I did! Within weeks I saw an amazing body transformation. I was so passionate about what I was doing that I decided to make fitness my life’s work. I went to school to become a personal fitness trainer, and eventually opened my own gym called One More Rep Fitness.

At One More Rep Fitness, I give my clients the same attention and education I was yearning for and didn’t get when I started out. Unlike me, you don’t have to go through trial and error to see results! All my clients benefit from the experience and education that I have gained through the years!

Many women and men come go to the gym to lose weight and get healthy again. They want to…

  • Fit into trendy clothes, feel sexy and confident wearing a strapless dress or bathing suit
  • Get rid of that extra fat in the tummy, thighs, buttocks and arms
  • Find an exercise program that is fun and energizing, and can fit into their busy schedule.