Hi! Bobby Collins .

I’m glad you found my website and hope, you found what your looking for.

If you don’t know me.

I’ve been a personal trainer in the Fall River Area since 2009.

I got my original education from National Personal Training Institute in 08.

I’ve been investing and committing to learning more and more about all things fitness, strength and conditioning as well as health.

I have personally  done wide range of training 

-Body building


-Obstacles Course Training

-Martial Arts Training

-Speed training and conditioning training

Because of this I have helped a wide range of clients in my 10 + of training.

From mom trying lose belly fat.

From getting clients ready 5ks and obstcal course races.

Training young athletes.

Even trained MMA fighter here and there.

If you have any questions about me and my service be sure send me  quick e-mail