What Is The Best Diet?

And the best diet is………………………………………..


There is no such thing. This why cookie cutter program only well, short term and fail most people long term. Just think about it, how many diets have you been on. How many worked for 3,6 or 12 months.

Check out this video I made , you ‘ll learn.

How to get results without completely cutting all your favorites out.

The three step approach, how to create a plan that works for you.

How just improving 1-2 things can, dramatically change your results.


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The Moments

I was talking to my team training people on Saturday, when I ended going on rant about how important having a why is. Than someone how, I turned it into telling them about my step father’s mother passing away and how at the funeral they were talking about all the great moments they had with her. It got me a little emotional.  Funeral always, hit me in the face with reality, that time fly by and you better not be wasting it.

What I though about most though was moments. That’s what life is about and isn’t that what makes us happy. Is having these incredible moments with the people we love. Sometime I feel when we can’t we, sedate our selves with food, tv, facebook, working and even training. But, we probably always would rather have these, instead of watching the latest prime town show, at least I would.



I always will cherish these moments I had my sibling. I remember playing silly games with them more than I remember anything I got as kid.

This gave me a new perspective. Is what I focus most of my time going create or help me create great moments. I’ll remember when I’m on my death bed.

I also asked my self and later asked my team trainees, in 20 years if you were in the same place you were now, how would that make you feel?

I told them this and I honestly believe this to be true. If your  leaner, healthier, stronger and have more confidence and energy. Would it be easier to have more of these great moments.

How much is that worth to you?

Is it worth eating a little more vegetables and protein

Is it worth dedicate 2-4 hours to exercise.

Do you owe these moments to your significant other, parent, kids and fiends.
If it is, why is this fitness and eating thing a thing  for the few? Why isn’t it a priority?


Honestly I’m not sure. I think its time level up though

Who’s with me?

Bobby Collins

Relentlessly Growing For Those Special moments

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