Fall River Trainer Helps You Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is pretty common these days.

A big reason for this is, how we live.( poor posture , little to no moments for most of the day

Which creates

-Tight thoracic spine or a round upper back

-Tight internal rota-tors like your front shoulders and chest.

-Weak upper back muscles like lower/mid traps

One of the best ways to improve shoulder health is to

Strengthen the upper back muscles, this will kill 3 bird with one stone. You will build a strong upper back, open up your upper back (thoracic spine), as well as open up those tight shoulder and chest muscles.

Rows can get hacked easily. So to me rows just aren’t enough.

I like these three exercises

Banded face pull

Banded pull part


Add these into your routine, and let me know if they make your shoulders feel better.

I would use them in your warm up, superset them after heavy upper body exercises and do them on off days.

Here is what I mean

Upper body warm up

Roll out chest and lats with lacrosse ball 60 sec

Stretch your chest for 60 sec

thoracic rotation 10/side

facepull 20 reps x2

pull aparts 20 x 2

medicine ball chest passes 3×5

Superset ideas

DB Bench Press 3×5 paired with band pull aparts

1 arm db row 3x 8 paired with banded facepull 3x 10

Hope this helps

Let’s get training

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Tips To Stay Stronger, Leaner And Fitter This Holiday Season

I put together a seminar that I’m turning into a 10 part FB Live video series, on how stay strong, leaner and fitter, even through the holidays.

Without being super restrictive and having your relatives look at weird because you wont have a Christmas cookie


All or nothing

Video 1 Mind set, it all starts here, change this thought process, it will change your body and maybe your life


Simple And Easier Nutrition

Video 2 When things are crazy in our lives, don’t make it more complicate and stricter make it easier. Here’s why



Tip 3 Do intense exercise before the big day.

Tip 4 Simple nutrition 


Tip 5 Fasting 

Tip 6 carbs cycling

Tip 7 excuses

Tip 8 Enjoy



Keep coming back for the other 8 videos. If you haven’t check out my nutrition coaching program check it out

Check them out here.


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Fall River Why Slashing Calories Make You Fat?

Made this video about why slashing calories ,when done wrong either does two things

-Doesn’t help you lose fat

-Often lead to gains gaining your fat and than some back.

Hope you enjoyed it and opened your eye of how to go about fat loss in smarter more effective way.

Need more help check out my black Friday day

2018 Black Friday


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How To Not Gain Fat This Thanks Giving?

Simple all you have to do is, make sure you only
-Consume 32.2  grams carbs the day before.
-Do 500 burpies the day before.
-Not eat for a week after thanks giving
-Buy a $100 supplements.

Or you could just do this.

Which do you prefer?

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Core Training 101

Core training

What’s it purpose?

Why we do very little crunches and sit up?

The three categories you need to stick to?

How to progress and regress?

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How to build muscle?(Even if you think you can’t)

4 simple tips to just that.

If your like me, and are naturally scrawny and weak.

The popular muscle building advice just doesn’t work, for most of us like, the ones you might see in bodybuilding magazines


Focus on these 4 things, to break through your plateaus

1.Use movements you can use a lot weight with like compound lifts

Pick a compound lift for each category
squat like a goblet squat or barbell squat
dead lift like a RDL, kettlebell deadlift
single leg exercise like lunge, step up, split squat
upper body push, chest press, military press, push up
upper body pull like strap row, a 1 arm rows, bench row

2. Get strong with reps of 5-8 reps with good form.

Without constantly increase the work done, it will be hard to build muscle.

Start with weights, you can do at 5 reps.

Do that until you can do it for sets of 8 reps.

Than bump the weight go back to reps of 5, repeat.

3.Get 7-9 hours sleep.

Sleep will make or break any fitness goal including,building muscle.

It won’t matter what you do in the gym if you can’t recover.

4 Schedule and commit 3-4 sessions a week

If you don’t train enough you won’t get results.

Focus on training consistently 3-4x week and trying hit each movement type 2-3x week.

Here a couple idea of splits to do

full body
lower body movement
upper body push
upper body pull

3x week, with day of rest in between

upper and lower

upper body day 1
pick 2 exercise for each upper body type

lower body day
pick 1 exercise from each lower body type

upper body day 2
pick 2 exercises from upper body type, make them different than day 1

if your going do 4th day
another leg day or do some sprints or conditioning

Any questions?

PS You’ll need fuel these workouts, here is my free nutrition and meal idea guide

Check out my strength workshop where I go over all these things


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Muscle Building Cardio

If you want to get lean and build mass. Few things are better than complexes.

Especially if your short on time and have limited equipment.

Here is a loaded carry version

Start with

5 kb swings

5 kb thrusters

Walk 20-30 yard in a racked position


Than with out putting it down do 4 reps of each keeping the walk the same. Repeat to you get to 1 Bonus if you dare, than go back up to 5 reps.


Have fun with this by

Using 2 kb or db instead

Add a barbell

Adding more exercises

Doing a different carry like farmer walk or an over head carry.

Doing one side at a time.




Want to me to hire you help you build muscle and be in the best shape of your life.


Apply Here

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3 Things Dads Most Train For!

When your younger and into train all you care about is muscle, setting pr’s and killing some workouts.


But as you get older or/and become a dad, these 3 other things are crucial to put into your traning.


So you can be healthier, live longer and live a high quality life.


It all about performing better.


That will mean different things for each person.


But, you can move and play with kids, can you get on the floor with them, and you have energy for them after tough week at work.


If that stuff is important to you , you will want to train these three things.


1. Mobilty

No ones likes stretching especially guys or mobility work like foam rolling.

But, mobility will create injuries, pain and ineffective workouts.

That will stop you in your tracts for all the things we just mentioned about performing as a dad.

Here some starter for better mobility

-Pay attention to your posture during the day

-Do a little foam rolling  before you workout and have proper warm up

-Stretch post workout and off days

-Move daily

-Don’t train body parts tarn movements the squat, deadlift, push, pull and single leg exercise

2. Strength

Nothing may be more important than strength. Actually leg or grip strength have been linked life longevity.

Strength controls every almost everything we can do physically.

You wont have great mobility if your muscle are weak, actually muscles get tight a lot due to weakness not tightness.

Movement will always be hard if your weak, if you cant squat your body weight, getting up will always be a pain and you wont want to move your body.

Strength will limit your endurance too, all movement is powered or limit by our strength,i so things like walking, jogging or hiking etc depend on your strength. I’m not talking about body building, I’m talking about strength.

A few tips

Strength train 3x week

focus on the 5 movements I spoke of

It doesn’t have to be with weights, it can just be body weight stuff at home

Try to increase reps, or weight each week or decrease rest, to progress.

3. Conditioning

Cardio is often over used and abused. Done very ineffectively most of the time. It actually sucks as a main fat loss focus. But, that doesn’t mean it not important.

Good cardio program will

-Make you feel better mentally

-Helps you recover faster in between workouts and even your sets

-It will help destress and make you feel better, if done the right way.

Tips to get you started

-Do cardio you like or are drawn to , because you’ll do it more.

-Don’t always do intense cardio, there a lot more benefits to low intensity like walking, hiking or swimming

-If your morning resting hear rate is above 70, you need a lot lower intensity cardio and sleep more.

-Remember nutrition, sleep, mobility and strength training are more important for mos people. Those things are more important for fat loss too.

Hope this helped, If there is anything else I can do to help fellow dads, please let me know

If ready to finally make big change in your health, fitness and longevity.

Apply for my The Strong Dad Transformation

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The Best Lower Body Exercise For Home Workouts

Looking to build muscular and strong legs with

Little equipment
Bodyweight only

Give this special step up variation a try.

Great for building strong knees too

Looking to finally transform your body and be in the best shape of your life.

Apply today

Although When you apply and meet with me, I’ll talk to you about your struggles, goals and how I can help. Than prescribe you program based on that.

Check out my most popular programs and what people are saying.


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