How To Build Explosive Power By A Fall River Trainer?

4 Reasons Why Non-Athletes Need T Build Power

  1. Power actually keeps us safe to react quickly in life. Lost of power are contributed to falls as we get old, which can be life ending. There are many other examples , when we need to react quickly in life.

2 If we have more power, that increases our potential for better lifts, which will help us build more muscle as well as lose more fat.

3 When we do compete in hobbies such basketball or pick up football etc with friends , power is powerful friend. In smashing your buddy and getting bragging rights.

4. If you do conditioning, more power makes it more effective. Take hill sprints for an example. If you have more power behind your sprints, you’ll drive your heart rate up high up faster. Making it more effective.

Power is about creating a lot of force very quickly.

It not about getting tired or fatigued.

Many times, when people start training, in this way, they might feel like it is easy.

Keep the intention on short sets of explosive bouts and rest longer enough, that you can repeat that explosive bouts.

TIP- If you can measure your power, so you know, when you start produce less power, it may help choose the right amount of sets.

Example Timing how long it takes sprint 10 yards and you might stop, when the time dramatically gets slower.

Don’t turn it into cardio.

Here are my favorite exercises types to build power

KB swings
Kb snatches

hill sprints
sled sprints
Prowler sprints
Done for short distance for speed 5-20 yards

Jump variations
box jumps
depth drops
jumping lunge
jump squat
hurdle jumps
1-5 reps

Throw variations
chest pass
overhead slam
rotation throw
rotational slam
scoop throw
1-5 reps

Do you do any of these in your workout?

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Fall River Personal Trainer Give You A Free Workout

Here is a full body workout, that takes 0 to minimal equipment. Great for most goals

Fat loss

Building lean muscle

Getting Fitter

Single leg bridges 3×12

squat 3x 12

rows or YWT for 3x 15 or 3x 20 sec per postion

Yoga pushups 3x 12

RKC Plank 20 sec x 4 sets

Hope you like, if you do try it , let me know how it goes.


If your interested in remote coaching, you can apply here

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Fall River Trainer Tells You Why You Should Get Swole?

While we are stuck in the house.

It may just be the prefect time, to build some muscle.

Why ?
More muscle makes us look leaner.
It allows to eat a little more.
It has been linked longevity of life.
It allows us to handle carbs better.
It build strength.
It is the one modality that can help us get stronger, build muscle, reduce injury, burn fat, increase our fitness and increase mobility.

Now is a perfect time for it.

We are stuck at home , eating more than we should. Use that extra food to build muscle.

We don’t need any fancy equipment either

Think about it

Train with me from any where in the world apply here

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Fall River Trainer Mindset

Most of my life I was uncoordinated weak and scrawny.

This sorta of built a chip on my shoulder mentality.

So, when I got strong and added a some muscle.

I started competing in meaningless activates, say like backyard football.

Even if someone was better than me, faster , stronger, and more skilled.

I never laid down and took it. I always wanted them to work for it.

You might beat me but, I’m going make you earn every inch of it.

This mindset has served me well at times.

In life, if that is business, fitness sports etc

It pays to not quit and back down at the first sign of failure.

Even when things are hopeless or the obstacle in front of you seem hard.

It so important to give it all you got each day.

Sometimes that is a lot and some weeks that maybe a little.

You don’t lay down and make it easy for your opponent  or life

This why getting rid of the all of nothing mindset is so important.

But, instead spot all nothing mind set is important . 

And always do nothing.

Think about where would you be, if you didn’t say screw to diet because, you had one poor meal.

Or skip there entire Month at the gym because your first week back didn’t go so well.

Be tough to beat and you’ll start beating people and life more and more.


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Fall River Dad’s How Lose Fat Fast!

Everyone wants quick fat loss.

Over the years I have talked about many paths.

But, the quickest is probably
Hitting caloric goal, that will put you in deficit
Hitting your daily protein goals.
It’s just not be right for everyone.

Now, just because this is the fastest , doesn’t mean everyone needs go this route.

I have helped many people shed pounds doing other things like.

Eating less processed foods
Eating more protein 
Drinking more water
Consuming more veggies
Cutting out foods, that don’t leave you satisfied.

But, fat loss is triggered by being caloric deficit, and the reason why those things, work above is for that reason.

The thing is much as I personally and many of my clients over the years, might prefer the anti-calorie approach.

That approach isn’t full proof . You can still 

Eat too much while having unprocessed foods
You can hit more protein and still consume too many carbs and fats
You drink lots water and still make not the best choices.
You can consume more veggies and still give in to your Sweet tooth.

But, it just makes it a lot harder to over eat.

If your goal is fat loss.

Just realize , you have a few different routes to go.

The one you should choose , is the one that you can maintain for the longest.

If you like numbers maybe tracking calories and protein is where yous should start.

If you don;t like that idea, maybe start by eating more protein based meals, veggies/fruits and drinking more water and start cutting out proceeded foods.

Do what is right for you.

Not just in the next 30 days but for the rest for your life.


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Do Your Workouts Have It All

Most people who come to me, want it all.

Shed body fat, build lean muscle, improve there fitness/performance and be healthier.

I believe, to accomplish this, you have to do 3 kinds of workouts.

They don’t all have to be done in separate session, they can be done in the same workout

#1 Strength training, this is the king of all exercises, it will

burn calories
boot your metabolism
build lean muscle
build strength
Strengthen your bones
build mobility
build conditioning up, when done right
And much more

#2 Aerobic Training, this vital for recovery and longevity. Building some aerobic fitness will

-Help you recover faster
-Helps fight off inflammation and chronic diseases.
-Helps the body to de-stress and is parasympathetic
-Burn some extra calories to aid in fat loss

#3 Interval Training, this can take your body and fitness to the next level

-Build explosive power and endurance
-Teaches the body to recover faster from intense efforts.
-Boost your metabolic rate and burn extra calories to aid in fat loss

Makes sure you include these 3 things in your workouts each week.

You can do them on separate days, like what we are doing in my Small group strength camp this month.

Monday Lower heavy
Tuesday Upper Heavy
Wednesday Aerobic day
Thursday Interval day
Friday Lower dynamic 
Saturday Upper dynamic

Of if you only workout 2-3x week, do it all in one session , like this

3-4 strength exercises focused on some of these movements squat, single leg, dead lift, upper push or upper pull

Than 5-20 minutes of aerobic or interval training after that

Train hard and smart


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Stop Picking On Them

Carbs get blamed for the reason people get fat and a have lots of health problems.

This always makes me uneasy.

Usually when talking about carbs it also fats.

The things that drive fat gain and unhealthy are usually a combination of fat, carbs and salt, this is what our body craves the most.

Think about these foods
muffin carbs and fat heavy.
pizza carbs and fat heavy.
chips carbs and fat heavy.
french fries carbs and fat heavy.

The reason why carbs are blamed is because the processed kind is so easy to over eat.

It is actually the total calories that, lead to fat gain and obesity.

People aren’t getting super unhealthy on sweet potato’s and fruit.

I made a video on how to still have your carbs and lose fat, so you don’t have top cut them.


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Fall River Are You Doing The Right Workout?

Have you ever joined a gym and you get that 1st session with the trainer.

They show you around and give you some workout, you can refer back to.

This was my 1st experience at gym , it was years ago .

The year 2004 at the RAC (raynham athletic club)

I hated it, really boring and didn’t do much. It was either a bad program or maybe I didn’t work harder enough on it. (Although my mom thought Spending 2 hours at the gym, was too much, so I was defiantly putting a good effort in)

After a few months I started to going to my buddies gym and started working out with him.

My results came faster, I got stronger and added muscles, what seemed to happen  quickly.

Actually if it wasn’t for him, showing me how  to workout in that way. I might of never been a trainer. Because I wasn’t really digging the trainer way of working out.

Programs matter, a good one will get you better results, than poor one.

Although, you obviously got put in the work. 

If you want better workout and want better results.

Join my remote training program.

And get personal training results, without the 1 on 1 price and limited schedule.

This program is sure to add lean muscle and get you stronger . As well get you leaner if follow my diet advice.

You’ll get custom workouts written just for
Weekly check in and accountability
The best part is you’ll get results

If you want in, apply to be one of my 5 I will take this month

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Hey Fall River, If You Can Do This Results Are Inevitable

I was on knees, gasping for air to catch my breathe during rounds of ji jitsu in Fall River, yesterday.

As some guys take a round off, to rest. I usually only do that , when I have to.

I do this for two reason.

1.I love doing ji jitsu and I want get a much matt time as possible.

2. I want get good, at using good technique and from , when I’m exhausted.

I think that is the key to success.

It is pretty easy to do things, the right way or well, when you are fresh or just starting.

It is a completely different animal , when you can do it when your tired, stress and feel like the whole world is closing in on you.

Getting good at doing good work under pretty stressful situation ,is a pretty important skill.

This goes for almost anything you want to excel at.

Ji jitsu
Working out
Your nutrition and diet

If your good at things, when your uncomfortable, you’ll be great at them when you are comfortable.


Fall River Personal Trainer

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Somerset Are Workouts Ineffective?

Workout can very ineffective when it comes to fat loss.

I even think that, for some people who have tendency binge eat, tons of hard workouts, might driving more binging .

Which is why lifestyle habits have to combined to lose fat for most people.

I just did 2 hours martial arts and my tracker said I burned 1700 calroies. 

I had to bust my ass to burn those calories,.

On the other hand I could earn that back in a meal or two if I’m not aware.

Another thing is I don;t think those calories estimates are even that accurate, so I probably  didn’t even burn that much.

If your trying lose fat

Spend time on your diet as well as your training here a few things that work well.

Eat 12-11x your ideal BW 80% of the time minimal
Eat 100-200g protein depending  on your size.
Eat a big salad each’day
Eat filling foods, like fruits, veggies, lean protein and thing that have fiber in them.
Try to sleep before 10pm
Manage stress the best you can
Don’t eat until your stuffed

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