Drop Inches With These Strategies

Hi guys, if your reading this. You probably want to lose fat and drop inches all over.

The key to fat loss is reducing calories.

But, where people go wrong is cutting too fast or too much., so it negatively effect your workouts and metabolism

And/or not doing it in way that you can sustain for a long period of time.

All these strategies work, but you want to do without dramatic cuts or doing things you know you can do for a while.


#1 Calories app– This the mos popular one where you log your food to cut calories. The best way to use this. Is ignore there recommendation especially when they add calories after you workout.

You want to not change how you eat and log everything for a week or two. Than from there cut 100-200 cal a day for week or two and see how if effect your weight, clothes and how you look in the mirror. If your getting results stay at that those calories. If your not cut again.

This way can go wrong if you.

Your not honest.

Don’t actually log everything you eat for a week or two.

Your not honest or accurate the portions

Your eating so little that cutting calories will probably just slow down your results more. 1000-1500 is way to low for most people. That case increase your calories to 9-10x your bw


#2 Handul diet– You ball park your food by eating foods based on the size of your hand. You can start to eat a palm of protein, fist of veggies, hand scoop of carbs and thumb of fat with each meal.  Double this for men or athletes

Than do that for a week or two, than if your not getting results simply cut something. Make it simple. Maybe one meal a day your cut out carbs Than see how that effect your results.

#3 and #4 How you eat- I find these very similar but a little different. But, instead focusing on counting calories or what you eat. This is about how you eat, which effect how much you eat in the end.

Especially very effective, if your a fast eater or always seem to eat until your stuffed.

Eating until your 80% full.

Sometimes based on up bringing we might have a habit of eating to we are stuffed because the foods, so good or maybe because you still have food on your plate. If we can focus on eating until your 80% of that stuffed feeling. We start to eat less and lose weight.

The best way to do this is, log your food in journal and ask yourself after each eating opportunity. Did I eat until I was 80% full yes or no

The other one is similar but instead of fullness, you are going try slow it down. You going try to increase how long it takes you to eat. Example say dinner takes you 5 minutes to eat, you are going try to take 10 minutes with the same food.

With this one we want to chew mores, put down our fork in between bites and focus savoring every bite. When you do this you tend to enjoy food more, digest it better and get fuller faster(especially if your eating good food) This one you ,would log the food you ate and write how long ti took to eat.

All these may work, but do the one that seems easiest for you and your preferences.

At the end of the day each one we are trying to

1.Figure out how much we are eating.

2. Cutting it a bit and seeing if that makes a change

3. Adjust as wee need to.

Put this stuff to good use.

If your looking for a little more hands on coaching you to the body you want check out our 12 month transformation program.



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Workout Idea For Your 2017 Goals

Bobby - Chains

One things that is extremely helpful for both nutrtion and working out .

Are templates.

There like training wheels.

They allow to think less and just take action more. As wells focus on the important stuff like.

Learning great from.

Learn where to feel each exercise.

Focusing pushing the intensity.

So today I want give you a metabolic strength template. Which is great for building muscle in all the right places as well burning calories and boost your metabolic rate(which burn more calories after your workout)

Let’s dig in.

Power/ core- The first thing we want address in this workout is working explosive power or if your a real beginner build a core.

Example of this

10 yard sprints x5 or

Plank for 30 sec

ab roll outs 8 for 3 sets

Big lift– Next we want to get strong at big main lift for reps of 5-8. This would be dead-lift, some type squat, chin  bench press. Do this for 3-5 set. Each week try to lift a little more weight.

Screenshot_2015-08-20-11-34-48 (4)

Super set– This is going be a lower and upper body exercise, that you’ll do back to back. I would keep the reps to 8-15 reps. Also try not repeat the same movement. So, if you just did a heavy squat, you don’t want squat agin in your super set. Stick to 2-4 sets

Here is an example of a few

hip thruster 10 reps

db chest press for 10 reps


elevated split squat 10/side

strap rows 10 reps.

Circuit The last part will be a circuit. We want  to do compound exercise, because they burn the most calories and go through this as many times as possible in a given time. I would  stick to reps of 8-15 and do it 8-12 minutes.

Her is an example

kb squat 12 reps

pushup for 12 reps

Alternating step 12/side

1 arm rows 12/side

Repeat as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

So, the workout would look like this.


Main lift

Super set

Lower body exercise

Upper body exercise






The cool thing about this is you can plug and play and nevr gert bored. If you try it, let me knwo what you think.

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Don’t Workout Today

Do not workout if these are true for you.

If fat loss is your main goal.
If you haven’t gone food shopping yet.
You haven’t prepped at all week.

I love working out. But, fat loss happens in the kitchen. So, if you haven’t shopped and done at least little food prep.

I give you permission skip today’s workout. Go shopping prep at least one thing for tomorrow.

The most important thing , when it comes to losing weight is your nutrtion.

Victory loves preparation.

Put yourself in the best position to succeed. 

Tomorrow you can get after a great workout.

But.. Honestly I hope you can do both that you have food shopped and prepped and you can still train today.

But, if your going just do one, get some food ready.

One of the biggest excuses for anything is time. 

If that is the case trade one workout for shopping and a little preparation.

You’ll probably see better results.

Weight loss is usually attacked through intense workouts and strict dieting.

But, if you want stay in the game all year and reach all your fitness and fat loss goals.

Make shopping and prepping a habit.

Your Coach

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Do This To Super charge Any Program!

If your starting a diet or been just looking to eat better.

Before you get into calories counting, carb cycling, paleo or counting your macros.

You got to do these first.

Well if you want to be successful.

A lot things can work as far as nutrtion goes.

But, you got to execute it.

Sometimes  that means we are better off executing an easier program than constantly failing or procrastinating a harder one.

So, before you get all diet crazy. You would be smart to get good a these three things. Which will make following any program a lot easier. This is like pre diet 101

Keep a food log.  I know nothing new. But, if you have discipline to keep it for 30 days. Despite if its good day or bad one. You’ll get two power full things from this. You’ll leaning how to be consistent(which is a lot harder than it sounds) and you’ll going to learn a ton about yourself and how, why and what you eat. Which will make it easy to decide what you need to work on.

Shop And plan– Have a set day where you’ll shop to make sure you have all the foods you need to be successful. Even if your shopping for that isn’t perfect, eating at home, you will probably  help you eat less and better.

Have some type of plan of what you’ll work on. Sometimes we think we will magically change. Despite that we don’t have a plan. Plan some meals out. Make it simple like I’m going have some type lean beef and rice this week. Go with specific thing your work on like, I’m going work on eating more protein and veggies with dinner. Than shop for that plan.

Like they say if you fail o plan, your planning to fail.

Prepare food. When ever this comes up. Most have picture of spending hours in the kitchen on Sunday with a million different tub-ware container.s

That not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about starting small. Here is a few things to think about.

Prep for meals or snack you struggle with.

Prep for meal that your really busy during.

Prep when it convenient  or when your already doing something. Like prepping extra food, while you cook dinner or breakfast

Here are some ideas

Sunday quick prep

Cut veggies up 5-15 minutes

Saute them 5-10 minutes or just throw them in firdge.

Throw a meat in crock pot less than 5 minutes.

Saute meat in a pan, 15-20 minutes.

Boil a dozen eggs. 20 minutes

Bake a fritatta 40 minutes

Daily prep do this while you cook dinner or breakfast

Cook omelette for a quick reheat tomorrow.

Boil eggs

Over night oatmeal.

Make salad and throw meat from diner on it for tomorrow.

Throw left meat in wrap or sandwich

Prep a green smoothie or a protein shake.

Cook extra meat for tomorrow lunch or dinner.

These three things seem simple, but I promise you, if you do it. It will accelerate your results, no  matter what diet or nutrtion protocol your up to.


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Check This Lower Body Workout

Wanted to share another workout.

I actually did this couple weeks ago.

If your a really busy person having a couple kb at home can be awesome.

There so versatile.

But, Here’s the template of the workout.


lower body heavy

lower body high reps

lower single leg exercise

Here is what I actually did.

L sit hold for 10 sec put my hand on two 45 lbs kb.

Double rack kb dead-lift 6 reps on every minute fro 6 minutes.

8 single leg hipthruster per side, 8 on two feet and held the last rep for 20 sec
deadbugs for 8 reps

lunges with two kb 12/side x3

I made a video, you can check it out here

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5 Way To Actually Get Results And Keep Them

Every year this seems to be a time of reflection, on how the year has gone. With reflection, we are sometimes inspired to make an upgrade, a chnage or pursue something better.

Unfortunately for fitness, the failure rate is all too high.

Here are 5 important things to get result but keep them as well.

  1. How you start your day. The first thing to work on is, upgrade what you do in the morning. Think of how you feel and act when you wake up late and have to run out the door. Than think of how you feel, if you ever got up and had more relaxing morning. Or if you ever exercises in the morning. How you feel and most likely how act, were different.

I’ll have you consider how  you start your day can be catalyst to good day or rough day.

So, consider doing 1-3  these things first thing, when you wake up. If you can’t just try do ti once a day. Now you don’t want to do too much. You want be able to repeat each day. So start small and you can go bigger over time. Make it so easy, it would be hard to make an excuses not do it.

-Mediation, breathing, or listen to your favorite music for 2-5 minutes

-Exercises, go for a 2-5 minutes walk, stretch, do body weight exercises, do some fast exercises to get get your hear rate up and wake up. The key is don’t have a routine, just do what you want as long as your moving. Start at 2-3 minutes of movement and you add if you want.

-Fuel -Chug 20 oz of water and/or green smoothie or a protein drink.


This is a game changer, don’t undervalue this. Do it everyday or at least 6 times a week.

2. If you always have trouble exercising. But, you can never do it for long period of time. Commit to 3 workouts a week for no less than 15 minutes. Build the habit, do what ever you like. That will make it easier to move first. Even if that is zumba, or spin. Two things I hate. But if it gets you to start moving, I’m all for it. The more you enjoy it the better. Than if you feel you want to or need to you can transition to training methods, which may be more effective. I like lifting, martial arts and interval. So, I spend most of my time doing that.


3. Improve your average and worst. Once you are confident with the two above. Start improving your nutrtion. Don’t overhaul it over night. Think of how can you improve your average and worst days . But, just by little. Do simple logical things like.

Cut a little processed food or sugar.

Add fruit and veggies with a meal or two.

Cut down your coffee intake by a cup or reduce how much sugar you use.

Add more natural protein to your one or two meals.

Cut back on how soft drink you have by little.

Make it do able and repeatable. Start small and go bigger. Small hinges open big doors

4. Sleep- If sleeping was in a pill. Everyone would want it. It is the most powerful thing you can do to lose fat, build muscle, boost energy and be happier. Work on improving your sleep. Either by sleeping longer or improving the quality. Here are some things that may help.

-Go to bed earlier.

-Get comfortable bed or pillow.

-Drink less caffeine during the day. Cut or reduce alcohol as well.

-Get sunlight during the day.

-Cut out electronic an hour before bed or dim the screens.

-Read before bed.

-Deep belly breathing, yoga, stretching or mediation before bed.

-Take a shower.

-Write down everything that on your mind on paper.

-Supplement like new mood from onnit, zma, magnesium oil or pill

-Anything else that will help relax


Like anything start with a couple your not doing and add as you go.

5. Read a book. One of things that get in our way. Is our self. And how we think and come to conclusion. Be open to changing how you think, can go long way. Here is a few books I like.

The big leap

You are a bad ass

Loving What is

The dark side of the light chasers


Ego is the enemy


If your resistant to this. Consider is, how you think and act serving you. Meaning is it giving you the things you want. If not maybe consider an alternative way. You can always go back to old ways after.

Hope these help you  and point in the right direction .I hope that you choose the path of changing small things for long times, instead of extreme fad diets and workout. That may leave you worse than , when you stared.

If you think this is helpful, share it with a friend.

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Cool Core Exercises To Try

I love core exercises that I can feel the next day or even right away. I put together some of my favorites for you to check out.

I prefer core exercises over traditional ab exercises because

They burn more calories.

They increase performance.

Build stronger lower back

They look cooler to.

The big thing to remember when doing these is don’t let your lower back arch or rib cage flare out as you do these.

Have fun

Overhead pallof press

Renegade Rows, Rollouts and deadbugs

Traveling Core exercises alligator crawls, jacknife walk, bear crawl pull through

Slow bear crawls, ab rollout on ball and rocking plank

How to supercharge these exercises

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Why Your 2017 Fitness Goals Will Fail?

Hi it’s that time of year, where people are thinking about a new year resolution or there going start something after the holidays.

Or maybe you took this month of training and smart eating.

The one thing that, is going disrupt your 2017 fitness plans.

Are the fact that your waiting.

Ultimately using the holidays as an excuse to procrastinate.

Results are built on doing the right things on a consistent basis.

Despite what going on, you just find a way to get it done.

Even when your stressed, busy, happy sad ,etc

If your procrastinating or if your one of the few, who are taking action, the last couple weeks of the year.

Both are habits.

Each time we follow a habit we empower it more and more.

Thus making it stronger and making more of apart, who we are.

The habits that we continue to empower today say alot, of we will do:

Next month
Next summer
This year
For the rest of our lives

Which is why people in January don’;t last in the gym.

Most aren’t willing to do what is required,, despite how your feeling.?

By no means, am I saying  I’m immune to not procrastinating on things I want to accomplish.

But, I’m making a push to, end the year off with high effort, by doing the stuff I need to do on daily basis.

I will have you consider you may want to do the same.

Or not.

Spend this year taking action to become or create what you want.


Spend the year procrastinating and making that habit stronger and stronger habit.

Your Coach

P.S. If you don’t want procrastinate but need help. Test drive us for 30 days asap. I’d be happy to help you.


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Silly Training And Nutrition Mistake

I get this a lot, people say.

I’m an all or nothing person.

I can greatly relate to this. Naturally, this is me.

I want do something fast and hard or do nothing.

But, the truth is results suck, when you do things like that.

Think of this as always doubling, down and going for a home run.

Home runs are cool and exciting.

Where a single hit, isn’t as exciting.

But, hitting singles on consistent basis is way more useful than hitting home runs every once in awhile.

In fitness term only eating well when your on a hard diet or only training when your on a intense program.

Isn’t going produce the results you want, if you can’t do it on a consistent basis.

Think about this.

What is the best thing you think you can eat to get results?

What is the worst thing you could eat to get bad results?

What is slightly worse, than the best you thing?

What is slightly better than worse thing?

Now if you put these items on scale from 1-0, where would they rank?

Do you just get results for things that would be 10?

Do you think you could, still get results for things that are ranked 5,6 or 7.

Think about this.

You don’t have to be perfect to get results, but you have to be consistent.

Your Coach

P.S. Looking to not gain weight this holiday season,try us out for 30 days

30 Day Program

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5 Simple Way To Make The holidays Work With Your Fitness

Holiday are you here and a lot more are coming.

Holidays are meant to be fun.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy holidays without losing your muscle, strength and adding on the pounds.

Follow these guidelines to enjoy the holidays stress free.


  1. Stop with your all or nothing. Yeah you might busy and have a lot going on. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have time exercise at all and just go back to all your old habits. Be willing to keep up with your workouts and build nutrtion habits. Make them easier to accomplish on busy or stressful weeks. But, do something. The first thing you need to do, give up this excuse. If you choose to accept this story your asking to regress.
  2. Nutrition can be very tough, with thanksgiving, Holiday parties Christmas and New years. Just be smart and make the most of the days in between those events. As well as if you have an event coming up. 2-3 Days prior cut your carbs and fat a bit. Not a ton but just a little bit to prepare for your indulgent. Example of this

To cut carbs

-Cut some fruit out.

-Cut some starches maybe a meal or reduce your portion size, like cutting 1 cup rice to half cup.

To cut a little fat

-Eat leaner cuts of meat or egg whites.

-Reduce your added butter or oil. Eliminate or cut it. Example going from a table spoon to teaspoon.

-Cut or reduce added fat like peanut butter , avocados, cheese or fatty salad dressing.

3. A carb depletion workout. Basically when we eat carbs, we store them inside our muscle. If we eat too much they get converted to body fat. So, depleting your stored carbs before you are going to indulge at a party or a holiday. Is externally effective for surviving the holidays. Maybe it’s a morning workout the day of or a workout the night before. To do this follow these guide lines

-Do a full body workout.

-Do high reps of 12-20 reps or do super slow reps like 4 sec down and 4 sec up.

-Try hit each one of these type of exercise’s squat, lunge, deadlift, upper body push or a upper body pull.

Finish your workout with this countdown, do 10 jump squats and 10 push ups, drop a 1 rep  each set until you get to 1 rep. Rest as little as possible.

Bobby - Sleds

Give these things a try and keep your muscle and stay lean. Or even use this to get leaner.

If you want more holiday strategies, check out my seminar at my gym next Thursday. Open to anybody for free.



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