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Stop Picking On Them

Carbs get blamed for the reason people get fat and a have lots of health problems.

This always makes me uneasy.

Usually when talking about carbs it also fats.

The things that drive fat gain and unhealthy are usually a combination of fat, carbs and salt, this is what our body craves the most.

Think about these foods
muffin carbs and fat heavy.
pizza carbs and fat heavy.
chips carbs and fat heavy.
french fries carbs and fat heavy.

The reason why carbs are blamed is because the processed kind is so easy to over eat.

It is actually the total calories that, lead to fat gain and obesity.

People aren’t getting super unhealthy on sweet potato’s and fruit.

I made a video on how to still have your carbs and lose fat, so you don’t have top cut them.


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Fall River Are You Doing The Right Workout?

Have you ever joined a gym and you get that 1st session with the trainer.

They show you around and give you some workout, you can refer back to.

This was my 1st experience at gym , it was years ago .

The year 2004 at the RAC (raynham athletic club)

I hated it, really boring and didn’t do much. It was either a bad program or maybe I didn’t work harder enough on it. (Although my mom thought Spending 2 hours at the gym, was too much, so I was defiantly putting a good effort in)

After a few months I started to going to my buddies gym and started working out with him.

My results came faster, I got stronger and added muscles, what seemed to happen  quickly.

Actually if it wasn’t for him, showing me how  to workout in that way. I might of never been a trainer. Because I wasn’t really digging the trainer way of working out.

Programs matter, a good one will get you better results, than poor one.

Although, you obviously got put in the work. 

If you want better workout and want better results.

Join my remote training program.

And get personal training results, without the 1 on 1 price and limited schedule.

This program is sure to add lean muscle and get you stronger . As well get you leaner if follow my diet advice.

You’ll get custom workouts written just for
Weekly check in and accountability
The best part is you’ll get results

If you want in, apply to be one of my 5 I will take this month

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Hey Fall River, If You Can Do This Results Are Inevitable

I was on knees, gasping for air to catch my breathe during rounds of ji jitsu in Fall River, yesterday.

As some guys take a round off, to rest. I usually only do that , when I have to.

I do this for two reason.

1.I love doing ji jitsu and I want get a much matt time as possible.

2. I want get good, at using good technique and from , when I’m exhausted.

I think that is the key to success.

It is pretty easy to do things, the right way or well, when you are fresh or just starting.

It is a completely different animal , when you can do it when your tired, stress and feel like the whole world is closing in on you.

Getting good at doing good work under pretty stressful situation ,is a pretty important skill.

This goes for almost anything you want to excel at.

Ji jitsu
Working out
Your nutrition and diet

If your good at things, when your uncomfortable, you’ll be great at them when you are comfortable.


Fall River Personal Trainer

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Somerset Are Workouts Ineffective?

Workout can very ineffective when it comes to fat loss.

I even think that, for some people who have tendency binge eat, tons of hard workouts, might driving more binging .

Which is why lifestyle habits have to combined to lose fat for most people.

I just did 2 hours martial arts and my tracker said I burned 1700 calroies. 

I had to bust my ass to burn those calories,.

On the other hand I could earn that back in a meal or two if I’m not aware.

Another thing is I don;t think those calories estimates are even that accurate, so I probably  didn’t even burn that much.

If your trying lose fat

Spend time on your diet as well as your training here a few things that work well.

Eat 12-11x your ideal BW 80% of the time minimal
Eat 100-200g protein depending  on your size.
Eat a big salad each’day
Eat filling foods, like fruits, veggies, lean protein and thing that have fiber in them.
Try to sleep before 10pm
Manage stress the best you can
Don’t eat until your stuffed

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Fall River Trainer Reveals The Best Mindset To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

“I can’t believe I lost to this guys.”

Ever since I got back to ji jitsu, these new white belts would come in and I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with them, I have been doing this on and off for long time and I built a lot consistency this year.

But, when I think like that, I get humbled.

Life has funny way of humbling you, when you need it.

One of the best ways to get results is to be humble.

Nothing in life is easy, that I ever wanted.

You might not think so , but when you expect results to happen fast and without struggle like losing weight every week, getting good job right away out of school and or thinking you can beat some just because you some experience.

This is form of entitlement and really cockiness.

Best way to get results is to be humble, accept that it
-Will be hard.
-You will struggle and want to quit.
-That you’ll have to improve your self and grow as person to get the results you desire.
-Be humble enough to ask for help
-Be humble enough to look at the facts of why your not seeing the results you like.

I had an old coach who would say “you can be right or you can get results.” I think there is a lot of truth to that.

This is why I love Ji Jitsu . It is the ultimate balance of confidence  and humility.

One day your feeling good, your doing better and beating people.

The next day you feel, like you suck because every one is beating you.

The balance between confidence and humility is key to many of the good things in life.

Be Confident enough to chase your goals with conviction and humble enough to know it won’t be easy at all.


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Fall River Lose Fat By Eating 1lb Of Watermelon!

When it comes to losing fat it is hard, right?

Your always going to have to eat less than you like.

Actually, if your not getting very hungry and struggling to lose fat, it is probably a sign your eating too much.

I had a question the other day about how much carb a client should eat.

It doesn’t really matter, if your in deficit and your protein is in check, you should be good.

But, if we look deeper.

Because we have to eat less, certain food will make it easier and certain foods will make it it harder.

If you eat carbs and your starving, maybe high fats and lower carbs diet might work better for you.

Vice versa if carbs fill you up and fats don’t.

I was thinking about this when I was eating my break fast which was 

16 oz cottage
almost 1 pound of water melon 
(which I couldn’t finish in one sitting actually)

As I put it in my fitness pal , I surprised how low calories a pound of water melon.

How filling it was at the same time.

This is why for fat loss nothing beats
fiber from fruits and veggies
water especially fruits and veggie that have lots water like water melon.

They fill you up, so it is easier to eat less.

If your struggling hitting your calorie goals, try eat more protein, fiber and water based foods. It might be a whole lot easier.


Want lose fat this fall, you got check this out

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Fall River Trainer Helps You Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is pretty common these days.

A big reason for this is, how we live.( poor posture , little to no moments for most of the day

Which creates

-Tight thoracic spine or a round upper back

-Tight internal rota-tors like your front shoulders and chest.

-Weak upper back muscles like lower/mid traps

One of the best ways to improve shoulder health is to

Strengthen the upper back muscles, this will kill 3 bird with one stone. You will build a strong upper back, open up your upper back (thoracic spine), as well as open up those tight shoulder and chest muscles.

Rows can get hacked easily. So to me rows just aren’t enough.

I like these three exercises

Banded face pull

Banded pull part


Add these into your routine, and let me know if they make your shoulders feel better.

I would use them in your warm up, superset them after heavy upper body exercises and do them on off days.

Here is what I mean

Upper body warm up

Roll out chest and lats with lacrosse ball 60 sec

Stretch your chest for 60 sec

thoracic rotation 10/side

facepull 20 reps x2

pull aparts 20 x 2

medicine ball chest passes 3×5

Superset ideas

DB Bench Press 3×5 paired with band pull aparts

1 arm db row 3x 8 paired with banded facepull 3x 10

Hope this helps

Let’s get training

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Tips To Stay Stronger, Leaner And Fitter This Holiday Season

I put together a seminar that I’m turning into a 10 part FB Live video series, on how stay strong, leaner and fitter, even through the holidays.

Without being super restrictive and having your relatives look at weird because you wont have a Christmas cookie


All or nothing

Video 1 Mind set, it all starts here, change this thought process, it will change your body and maybe your life


Simple And Easier Nutrition

Video 2 When things are crazy in our lives, don’t make it more complicate and stricter make it easier. Here’s why



Tip 3 Do intense exercise before the big day.

Tip 4 Simple nutrition 


Tip 5 Fasting 

Tip 6 carbs cycling

Tip 7 excuses

Tip 8 Enjoy



Keep coming back for the other 8 videos. If you haven’t check out my nutrition coaching program check it out

Check them out here.

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Fall River Why Slashing Calories Make You Fat?

Made this video about why slashing calories ,when done wrong either does two things

-Doesn’t help you lose fat

-Often lead to gains gaining your fat and than some back.

Hope you enjoyed it and opened your eye of how to go about fat loss in smarter more effective way.

Need more help check out my black Friday day

2018 Black Friday


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How To Not Gain Fat This Thanks Giving?

Simple all you have to do is, make sure you only
-Consume 32.2  grams carbs the day before.
-Do 500 burpies the day before.
-Not eat for a week after thanks giving
-Buy a $100 supplements.

Or you could just do this.

Which do you prefer?

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