Silly Training And Nutrition Mistake

I get this a lot, people say.

I’m an all or nothing person.

I can greatly relate to this. Naturally, this is me.

I want do something fast and hard or do nothing.

But, the truth is results suck, when you do things like that.

Think of this as always doubling, down and going for a home run.

Home runs are cool and exciting.

Where a single hit, isn’t as exciting.

But, hitting singles on consistent basis is way more useful than hitting home runs every once in awhile.

In fitness term only eating well when your on a hard diet or only training when your on a intense program.

Isn’t going produce the results you want, if you can’t do it on a consistent basis.

Think about this.

What is the best thing you think you can eat to get results?

What is the worst thing you could eat to get bad results?

What is slightly worse, than the best you thing?

What is slightly better than worse thing?

Now if you put these items on scale from 1-0, where would they rank?

Do you just get results for things that would be 10?

Do you think you could, still get results for things that are ranked 5,6 or 7.

Think about this.

You don’t have to be perfect to get results, but you have to be consistent.

Your Coach

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5 Simple Way To Make The holidays Work With Your Fitness

Holiday are you here and a lot more are coming.

Holidays are meant to be fun.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy holidays without losing your muscle, strength and adding on the pounds.

Follow these guidelines to enjoy the holidays stress free.


  1. Stop with your all or nothing. Yeah you might busy and have a lot going on. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have time exercise at all and just go back to all your old habits. Be willing to keep up with your workouts and build nutrtion habits. Make them easier to accomplish on busy or stressful weeks. But, do something. The first thing you need to do, give up this excuse. If you choose to accept this story your asking to regress.
  2. Nutrition can be very tough, with thanksgiving, Holiday parties Christmas and New years. Just be smart and make the most of the days in between those events. As well as if you have an event coming up. 2-3 Days prior cut your carbs and fat a bit. Not a ton but just a little bit to prepare for your indulgent. Example of this

To cut carbs

-Cut some fruit out.

-Cut some starches maybe a meal or reduce your portion size, like cutting 1 cup rice to half cup.

To cut a little fat

-Eat leaner cuts of meat or egg whites.

-Reduce your added butter or oil. Eliminate or cut it. Example going from a table spoon to teaspoon.

-Cut or reduce added fat like peanut butter , avocados, cheese or fatty salad dressing.

3. A carb depletion workout. Basically when we eat carbs, we store them inside our muscle. If we eat too much they get converted to body fat. So, depleting your stored carbs before you are going to indulge at a party or a holiday. Is externally effective for surviving the holidays. Maybe it’s a morning workout the day of or a workout the night before. To do this follow these guide lines

-Do a full body workout.

-Do high reps of 12-20 reps or do super slow reps like 4 sec down and 4 sec up.

-Try hit each one of these type of exercise’s squat, lunge, deadlift, upper body push or a upper body pull.

Finish your workout with this countdown, do 10 jump squats and 10 push ups, drop a 1 rep  each set until you get to 1 rep. Rest as little as possible.

Bobby - Sleds

Give these things a try and keep your muscle and stay lean. Or even use this to get leaner.

If you want more holiday strategies, check out my seminar at my gym next Thursday. Open to anybody for free.


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My Favorite Countdown and How To Do Them

Hi guys another quick one. This is my favorite way to do body weight training for fat loss or a conditioning circuit .


Check this out and let me explain them to you.



My favorite of all time is

jump squat 10,9 ,8 7 ,6 etc

plyo pushups 10, 9 8, 7, 6, 6

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5 Simple Ways To More Muscle And Less Fat

So, everyone has goals, some different than other.

But, most people want some form of losing more body fat and building more muscle or toning up.

Here is 5 simple way to this

  1. Eat more real food, proteins and veggies from whole sources. Than start slowly eating a little less of everything else especially processed fat, carbs and sugar. You don’t ever have to eliminate them. But, reducing them a bit while increasing whole food protein and vegetable. Will make a huge difference on how you feel, look and perform.


2. Sleep like a baby. This is the single most undervalued way to build muscle and lose fat. But, the truth is little sleep or even crappy sleep. Will make you fatter, have low energy and probably make you a moody person. So, focus on getting higher quality sleep and trying to hit 7-8 hours/ night.

3.Get strong while doing exercises great. If you got stronger at the basic exercise but, with great form, not sloppy pushups or quarter squats. Your body will start to look completely different. So, start squaring, pressing, pulling, lunging and deadlifting.

4.Be in control. To often than not, we let out emotion get the best of us, we let a bad day or stressful week. Get us to say f it and not do the work we really want to do. Build some mental toughness and preserve though tough  times. Learn to train when life is good and train when life isn’t so good.

5. Do something active everyday. Being active is so simple but it massively undervalued. Maybe that is a daily walk, taking the stirs at workout or maybe playing a sport with your friends or kids. Being active is going make it easier to be consistent to your workouts and you’ll feel a lot better too. Burn a little extra calories, which will make shedding fat easier.


Do these five, without any excuses. You’ll do awesome.

Do them with excuses, your screwed.

joe p

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Stop Punishing Yourself!


Do you feel like after you had a weekend of indulging in your favorite foods or drinking, you deserve to be punished?

Either through double workouts, really extreme workout or maybe you punish your self by restricting your self too much nutrtion ways. Like this one below, sounds real fun doesn’t it .


How is that working for you?

Is it getting you results?

Is it making you happier?

If it’s working great keep doing what your doing?

But, if over indulging/skipping workouts and than punishing yourself isn’t working try this instead. I find that do that eventually just makes you exercise less and eat worse.

-Focus on realistic changes, you can make each day. When you slip it’s not about punishing yourself, How quick you can get back on track.

-Realize no matter, what you do and how much you over do it. You simply delay your results a little bit. You can’t screw it up, if you always get back on track your next meal. Or a workout the  next day with

-Challenge the fact that a few meal or a few snack doesn’t ruin your day. Justifying ruin an entire day for one or two slips up  is crazy and is based on lie you tell yourself.

-Focus on being consistent and stop being so focused with perfection, you’ll get further. You can’t be both.

When you stop punishing yourself through nutrtion and exercise. You’ll realize that nutrtion and exercise can empower , energize you and really have bigger impact on your life, if you will let it.

Give these a try


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Simple And Easy Nutrtion Plan

Remember training wheels, when you were learning to ride your bike.

They started you off, on riding a 2 wheel bike.

It took some of the fear, of falling off.

Gave you the opportunity to learn the basic of riding a bike.

Eventually , we just took the wheels off and were riding on two wheels, no problem.

That’s what I want to give you today, simple template for nutrtion.

I love templates, they work great and will give you simple guideline, to learn the foundation of great nutrtion.

Sooner or later you can break off the template and change a few things, without falling on your face.

If tracking calories and macro overwhelms you. And nutrtion confuses you. This might be great for you.

Try to build up to nailing this simple template most days.

Meal Plan

Training wheels template

This template consist  of three meals, They don’t have to be done at any specific time. So, say your not hungry first thing in morning, no problem do the first meal , a few hour into your day.

Meal 1- Eat some protein, with veggies and fruit.

Meal 2- Have a big serving of veggies, handful of protein and healthy fats. If you trained in the am , you can eat some  starchy carbs here too.

Meal 3- Big serving of protein, veggies and starches.

Desert- Have some fruit, if your still hungry.


Focus on eating until your full but not stuffed.
Eat mostly unprocessed foods.
Drink water though out the day.
If your hitting this on a consistent basis but, you don’t feel like your dropping fat or building muscle do this.
Fat loss- Eat a little less carbs and/or fats, the next few day and reassess.
Build muscle- Eat little more carbs and give it a week to see if you gained weight, than reassess.
If you get hungry eat more protein at your meals and/or snack on fruit and nuts as well.

Here an example.

Wake up 6am Drink a tall glass of water. Have some coffee if you like to.

8am- Green smoothie pineapples, flax seed, yogurt, spinach, apple juice and water

12pm -Big salad spinach, onions, peppers, chicken berries, goat cheese and a little dressing

3pm- Apple and almonds

6pm sirloin tips, jasmine rice, asparagus and butter

desert optional -Banana ice cream – put 1 frozen chopped up banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, cocoa powder(1 scoop of protein optional), with tiny bit of milk in a food processes.Blend until it has ice cream like texture or just snack on some berries.

As you can see, it’s so no strict that makes you eat the same boring foods but has guidelines so you stay in check.

Give it a try, if you have any question let me know

joe p

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How To Improve Your Nutrition That Has Nothing To With What You Eat

Nutrition is every where now  a day, I bet you see ads every where promoting diets , supplements etc

But, What I find is it’s always the same stuff. They always talk about what to eat and how much.

That’s great for results in the short term but I think if you want results that last ,addressing the why and how are crucial.



Why do you eat?

Do eat when your hungry?

Do you eat when you have intense feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, stress and to feel better?

Do you eat because your bored?

Do you eat because other around you are eating?

Non of these reason are bad or problem. But, they can be if there not  in check. When your eating without knowing why. A lot of those reason happen at a subconscious level.

Bringing awareness to this can very helpful. Here are few ways to work on  the why of your eating?

-Ask yourself before each time you eat, why are you eating, is it based on feelings or are you going regret this later. If you feel like you might regret it later, maybe you can do something else, that might give you same feeling?

-Keep food journal and at the end of each day, go through each meals and determine the reason you ate.

-Try to fast for 16-20 hour for 1 day and pay attention to all the automatic ways you go for food, what are they based on. This is great learning experience about subconscious behaviors you have over food.



How is crucial too, if your how is off. You tend to over eat, have less energy and have lots of regrets.

Most of the time, when we eat it. We want it to be the only thing that we do. So, we can pay attention to when we get full and stop. Also this will help us  digest our food better and enjoy it. Don’t rush through meals but eat slowly and enjoy it.

A few how’s that could be trouble, if your some one that may, do it too much.

Do you eat at your desk?

Do eat while your driving?

Do snack while you watch tv?

Do eat really fast?

Do eat until your stuffed?

Good rule of thumb for your how is

-Make it the only thing your doing.

-Chew your food completely before you take another bite and  put your folk down in between bites.

-Try to stop eating when you feel full, not stuffed.

-When your having food you really enjoy, stop eating once the taste sensation, start to go down.

This stuff might seem unimportant or not as sexier as the latest fad diet. But, if you get good at this stuff. You’ll get results and keep it . You’ll eat less, have more energy and even be able to get away with eating more carbs because it isn’t so easy for you to over eat it.

If you want us to coach you on nutrtion apply for free strategy session.


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5 Behaviors To Try For A Fit Fall

I know it’s the f word no one wants to hear. But, with the summer winding down and Fall and back to school is around the corner.

Your probably either want maintain what you accomplish this summer or maybe you didn’t do much this summer. Your looking to get back to routine as the kids go back to school.

Hell, you might even be looking shed some quick pounds before labor day weekend. These help with that.

5 behaviors to change.

  1. Create a morning routine. This could be so many different things. But, committing to doing something simple in morning that will set the tone of the day. The key here is it has to be  simple enough that you can do it daily and will be powerful enough to have a postie effect on your day.

Here are a few ideas

-Drink 20 oz water first thing in the morning.

-Start each day with a green smoothie(Throw frozen fruit, spinach and protein in a blender)

-Move for 5-20 min get your energy up. This could be a walk around the block, some stretches, some body weight stuff like squat, push ups and plank etc.

-Meditation, deep breathing or yoga

2. Turn exercising from a should to a must. Make it unacceptable not get exercise in, you might have to change your plan at times. Always commit no matter what , to getting 3 workout in a week.If you can’t make it to the gym, make workout at home or a walk. The big thing is make it must instead of a maybe.

3. Record, reflect, shop and prep. This is basic but huge to delivering mega results. Record your food and workouts. Each week make time to review what you did, as well make plan for the following the week and shop. Do this each weekend and your nutrtion will improve dramatically with your results.

4. Go to bed. Most of us under estimate the power of sleep has on our energy,  mood, fat loss and muscle building results. Work on going bed earlier getting 7-8 hours sleep. If you have trouble sleeping try this.

-Breathe, mediate, listen to relaxing music or read .

-Make sure where you sleep is as dark as you can make it.

-Don’t go your phone, computer 1 hour before bed.

-If need extra help try new mood from onnit.

5. Start being aware of the stories you tell yourself. We have thousand of thousand of thoughts every day and some these can be false stories of why didn’t do something, or did something. If they go unchecked, they can effect your action, habits and ultimately life in major ways. As you start this fitness journey be aware of the stories, excuse you tell your self . Are they 100% true and also think how do respond when you  think of them alot. What would you do differently if you could n’t think those thoughts.

This can be game changer if you, start doing these. Simple but super effective.

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3 Things To Track For Faster Results!

Measuring is the king of results.

It doesn’t lie.

It show you the truth about what it is. How consistent we’ve been, what we’ve been doing well and what we haven’t been doing well.

It also points to the progress we are making and it shows us  what we need change if,we are willing to listen.

If your not tracking anything there is a good chance your missing out on some results.

Measure these


1. Body composition- So your body fat and muscle your adding. You can use a scale, measuring tape, body fat analyzer, some old jeans that don’t fit you, picture every other week etc.

There a ton ways to do this. A few hints. Don’t weigh yourself all the time if your emtoional response is bad. Remember the point is to see is what your doing creating results. Not to make you feel bad. This is where listening is important. Would rather see the lack of progress as lesson to learn from or do you want just beat your self up over it.

Take the info and use it.

I like to to do combination scale, photo and measurements. Bye weekly is good frequency.

If the results stall or dramatically slow down this is where the other ones come from.


2. Food journal- The most popular  one. The mos important one if you want to lose fat and build muscle.

Simple way to do this is by notebook and write times, what you eat and even how much or use an app like my fitness pal.

This is only works if you do it and your willing to be honest. Do everything, every snack, and even those bad weekends. Again it’s not about feeling because you a bunch stuff over the weekend. But, to give you information you can use to improve over time. Your self worth isn’t your food or even your body, so don’t feel bad if you . Eat things you didn’t want to.

Once you get baseline try this simple assessment.

Do you have protein with each meal?
Is there veggie?
Is there healthy fats?
Did you eat your starchy carbs around your workout?
How much water did you drink?
How many free foods did you eat? (free food is food that you may like but it wont get you to your goals like donuts, beer or pizza etc.)

Than simply spend 3-8 weeks on two of the most important ones and gradually improve it. Track it so you know if your improving on week o week basis. Also note how the improvements in your nutrtion effect your body comp measurements.

Idea to do.

Month 1 Increase protein at each meal , increase water and gradually decrease free foods each week.

Month 2 Eat more veggie and increase healthy fat. Also you might still need to reduce free foods if they are still high

Month 3 Eat starchy carbs post workout mos of the time.

3. Workout– This is super important because when you do this working out is a lot funner, engaging  and fulfilling. Track each work out and record your sets, reps and weight. Each week you should try to increase at least one by a little,

If your doing endurance training it might be logging, how fast you run , or how many rounds of circuit you can get in a certain amount of time.

The key here is recording it and see if you can beat your self. Than it becomes like a game.

Again don’t beat yourself up if your not progressing, its sign to show you, you have to change something or maybe today was off day.

Tracking will help you lift more weight, get more reps and do things faster. That will carry over to more fat loss, strength gains and muscle building.

Bobby - Sleds

I hope you guys seriously start tracking because its straight game changer.

Your Coach

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Do These To Lose Fat And Build Muscle In All The Right Places?

If you want to lose fat, it’s probably follow by I want this to be tighter, firmer, more toned or bigger in some cases. If your a guy who wants a bigger chest or female who wants a firmer butt.

For most fat loss is half the battle.

Today I’m going break down the best exercise for certain parts of your body. Here’s the deal, you should do all these movements for fat burning , injury prevention and health reasons.

But, the area you want to be more developed make sure you hit it with more frequency. So, if you want better arms, you should probably hit arms 2-3 x week.

Let’s get rolling

Chest And Triceps

Push ups variations- Great for building your chest, shoulder and the back of your arms. They are best for higher reps think sets of 10-20. Go slower on the way down.

20150820_192030 (1)

Chest press- Great for building your chest, shoulder and the back of the arms. This is a great one for lower end rep range 5-15 reps.

Dip variation- Great for really build mass in your arms and pecs. They can rough on shoulder thought. I like 5-10 reps.

Upper back Muscle

Strap rows/trx row-Great for learning and build foundation upper body strength and developing your upper back and biceps. Best used for higher resp like push up stick 10-15 reps.


1 arm row- Same muscle group but better for lower end reps. Like 6-10 reps. With that said make sure you do weights, that you can do with great form.

Seated row cable or band- Great for building middle back muscle make sure you don’t, do any jerky motions control the weight.

Chin ups or pull ups- The king of back exercise but only if you can do right with pain. Chin up seem to easier on the shoulder.


lat pull down- Great upper body exercise if you can’t do chin ups. Either do it wide or underhand. Also great for higher reps, which can be hard for chins ups.

Glutes(butt muscles) and hamstring

Hip thruster-The king of the glute exercise. You’ll get the most muscle glute work with this exercise. Make sure you extend with your hips and not your lower back. Go heavy for reps of 8-15. Always pause for two seconds at the top and crush your glutes.

Deadlifts- Great variation for building glute and hamstring strength and muscle. Make sure you have awesome form. Use your legs to lift , not your back.

Squats- Great exercise for the glutes but there is a lot quad and hamstring work too. The more you sit back on your hips like, box squat the more hip and glutes activation you ‘ll get. The more vertical you get like kb squat or front will be more quads. Great for lower end reps 5-10.


Single leg deadlift- Great glute and hamstring exercise, as well as core strength. I like with reps of 6-10 per leg.

lunges and split squat- Amazing for glutes especially elevated split squats. Really good for mobility and joint health. As well core work. I like 8-12 reps per side.


Romaine deadlift- Great for building those hamstring, and stick with 8-15 reps.

Quads exercise

Step ups- Great exercise for the front of your legs. Focus on slowly coming down. Great for 8-15 reps.

Squats- Like I said earlier, stick to squats that keep you more upright go for higher reps and slower tempo.

lunges- Great for the quads focus staying more up right if you want trigger the front of your legs.


Planks- Great for basic core strength keep 30-40 sec.

Crunch variation and do 8-12 resp, don’t rush it and focus on contracting your abs as hard as you can.

Jackinfe- Great for 10-20 reps, try keep your lower back flat.

Fall out or ab roll out- Amazing core variation for your abs make sure you don’t arch your back.  I like reps 8-12 reps.


There you got the best drills fro each body part. Make sure your doing the right exercise for, what your trying to accomplish.



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