How Never Need A Personal Trainer Again?

“It’s just not the same without out.”

I’ve heard this over the years when clients of mine need to train alone.

Although it is a confidence boost in some ways, my goal for everyone is to build confidence to be able to train by themselves.

I want to give them the skills of fitness for life.

Just like anything, this is skill.

Not only training by yourself, but enjoying it and being able to push yourself hard.

So, I came up with some tips to train solo and have it be awesome.

Fall River Personal trainer

I have mainly done this for the past 15 years. I have had some awesome gains and a lot of fun as well.

#1 Music/podcast and audiobooks. When I need to do something I really don’t want to do , like do the dishes. It so much easier to do it and get through it. If I throw some music on or my favorite podcast. Working out is no different, putting on some music that will entertain you, inspire you and have you run through a wall.

#2 Caffeine, getting a little artificial boost to kick some ass in the gym is a great thing. If it’s through a strong coffee or supplements. This can really do the trick and help you get moving.

#3 If you’re training at home, it is best to have an isolated space, where you can train. Where people won’t bother you or you won’t get distracted. If you have a very hard time with this, I would recommend just going to the gym, until you get into the routine of working out consistently.

#4 Pencil you’re workout in each week, with the time you know you’ll have. Don’t let anything get in the way. Circumstances don’t change our responsibility. Don’t let minor things or lack of motivation stop you. Build discipline.

#5 Struggling to workout, just do 10 minutes worth of your workout. Maybe that is just doing your warm-up and then leaving the gym or calling it a day. Do that for a few weeks , until you feel like doing more. I guarantee in a month you’ll be crushing workouts in no time.

#6 Growth mindset. This is when we have the mindset of I can’t do this yet versus I can’t do this ever. Be patient, this is a skill, which may take time but don’t give up. You can do this.

#7 Reflect on your struggles with training alone, ask yourself why and ponder a few solutions, and give them a try and see if it helps.

#8 Keep a training journal and record the weight, reps, and sets you to do. Each week try to improve if you can. Training with intentions of improvements versus just going through the motions. Can make a big difference. Knowing you’re improving each week or every few weeks will inspire you to keep going and make it fun.

That is all I have for you. Do you have any tips to add?


PS Did you know, I write workouts for people to do on their own and hold them accountable to get the work done? I call this 1 on 1 online coaching , Would that be helpful to you?

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