What Is The Best Cardio To Do

Summer is here and that means people are trying lean out or get ripped

Before we dive into what is the form of cardio are best for this. Let get this straight.

Your nutrtion and sleep are going give you 80-90% of your fat loss. The soon you accept that and improve on that, the better.

If your doing cardio to get lean, get your nutrtion and sleep in check.

Let get into this. I like to decide cardio or conditioning into three categories

High intensity- So these are things like all sprint up hill, on sled, treadmill or machines. Intervals with body weight, kb exercises, crossfit circuits, ropes etc

This is great for making cardio fun, or maybe suck deepending on your personalty. The benfits it will boost your calorie burning ability for 24 hours after. Also can release fat burning hormones and as well help build or maintain strength and muscle.

The bad is if you don’t’ sleep or eat well or just have a lot stress, it might be too much and do more harm than good.This is because the intensity is so high, it takes time and resources to recover from it. If your not giving your body those things, it most likely, will not work well for you. Especially if your doing strength session on top of it.

I like to do 1-3 hard session per week. I like to do one after a strength work and one on Saturday by it self. This seems to promote better recovery. Recovery means better results.

2nd category is moderate intensity this things like spin class, running or even biking hard for long stances. Maybe a sport like a pick up game, kickboxing session or grappling.

It hard but nor as intense as intervals. This can be good if you like these things. But, if combined it with other intense workout might really beat you up. Too much of can make it hard to keep your muscle mass, while your leaning out.

I probably like this the least for people who want be strong , have muscle, while getting lean. It’s hard to recover from and can eat away at some muscle , if done too much.

If you really like it do it 2-3x week 20-40 minutes

3rd category is low intensity.

So there are things like walking, swimming, biking, certain low bearing activity. This usually never fails to hard to do.

This is great because this type of cardio promotes recovery, burns calories but doesn’t effect your bodies recovery ability, so you can do it more often.

You can do this really every day.


If your goals is to just lose fat, while keeping the muscle or tone you currently have.

I’ll do low intensity as much as possible 3-5x week for at least 20- 40 minutes.

To accelerate a little fat loss , I recommend doing 1-2 high intensity sessions per week.

Now if your a running and love running just replace the high intensity one with some running a couple miles or 20-40 minutes.

I also want state, that the best of anything nutrtion, strength, or cardio program is the one you’ll actually do. ¬†There is a lot weight in doing maybe the one you just enjoy the most

Hope this helped if you have nay questions let me know.

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