Procrastinators Guide To Adding Muscle And Losing Weight This Summer

June is a day away and if you don’t have the fitness, body and weight loss, yet you might be a little down.

I don’t like quick fixes or short term programs but these three stratgies can, really boost some quick results in a month or two.

I actually gave similar advice to my cousin , when he had to drop some quick pounds for his air force test.

Listen carefully and hit me up with any questions you got.

  1. Nutrition is king, when it comes to all your fitness goals. Follow this simple guideline.

Anytime meals- Which can be eaten any time. Eat a protein source, veggies or fruit and some healthy fats if you want. Lay of starchy carbs or anything with a lot of sugar. A couple examples are

-eggs and bacon with some berries

-2 container of greek yogurt equaling 30 g protein and an apple

-Greek salad with extra chicken

-Steak tips, veggies and maybe some fruit for desert

Post workout meals- Which are meal only eaten after you train hard like lift weights, or do sprints or something like that. You’ll still have protein, veggies but you’ll add starchy carbs like bread, rice or potatoes , etc  Here are few examples

-veggie omelet with , home fries

-Rice bowl-jasmine rice, saute veggies, chicken , a little cheese or guacamole

-Salmon with sliced baked sweet potato and saute asparagus

-Desert idea, mash a sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter for something sweet after dinner.

Tip- Try to eat foods you really like, while still staying with in those guidelines, doesn’t have to be as bad as you may think.

2. Train for strength, go into the gym 2-4x week and focus on getting strong with a variation of the following exercises

the squat

the deadlift

chest press





This will burn a lot calories in the gym, burn extra calories post workout and release fat burning and muscle building hormones. Don’t train hard for more than two day in row. Example might be train Mon, weds fri and sat to do some hard intervals.

3 Sprint or intervals – Doing intense conditioning is great it will boost your metabolic rate but too much , start to give diminishing returns stick to two high quality sessions a week.

Example 1 sprint a distance as fast as you can walk back repeat 6-12x

Example 2 Do each of these exercises for 30 sec on and 30 sec off, go through it 3 x in circuit fashions.



jump squats


farmer walk

4. Add as many low intensity cardio as possible. This stuff is just little extra but can really boost a fat loss if you have everything else down first. Pick a low intensity version of cardio like riding bike, walking, hiking, cardio machines, swimming Do 20-60 minute session as much as possible.

These are great because your body doesn’t need to recover from them, so you can do them a ton and they will also help you recover from your harder workouts.

To review what you’ll do

  1. Follow the anytime and post workout meals
  2.  Get strong
  3. Do sprints
  4. Move a lot

Any questions?

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