Stop Picking On Them

Carbs get blamed for the reason people get fat and a have lots of health problems.

This always makes me uneasy.

Usually when talking about carbs it also fats.

The things that drive fat gain and unhealthy are usually a combination of fat, carbs and salt, this is what our body craves the most.

Think about these foods
muffin carbs and fat heavy.
pizza carbs and fat heavy.
chips carbs and fat heavy.
french fries carbs and fat heavy.

The reason why carbs are blamed is because the processed kind is so easy to over eat.

It is actually the total calories that, lead to fat gain and obesity.

People aren’t getting super unhealthy on sweet potato’s and fruit.

I made a video on how to still have your carbs and lose fat, so you don’t have top cut them.


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