Do Your Workouts Have It All

Most people who come to me, want it all.

Shed body fat, build lean muscle, improve there fitness/performance and be healthier.

I believe, to accomplish this, you have to do 3 kinds of workouts.

They don’t all have to be done in separate session, they can be done in the same workout

#1 Strength training, this is the king of all exercises, it will

burn calories
boot your metabolism
build lean muscle
build strength
Strengthen your bones
build mobility
build conditioning up, when done right
And much more

#2 Aerobic Training, this vital for recovery and longevity. Building some aerobic fitness will

-Help you recover faster
-Helps fight off inflammation and chronic diseases.
-Helps the body to de-stress and is parasympathetic
-Burn some extra calories to aid in fat loss

#3 Interval Training, this can take your body and fitness to the next level

-Build explosive power and endurance
-Teaches the body to recover faster from intense efforts.
-Boost your metabolic rate and burn extra calories to aid in fat loss

Makes sure you include these 3 things in your workouts each week.

You can do them on separate days, like what we are doing in my Small group strength camp this month.

Monday Lower heavy
Tuesday Upper Heavy
Wednesday Aerobic day
Thursday Interval day
Friday Lower dynamic 
Saturday Upper dynamic

Of if you only workout 2-3x week, do it all in one session , like this

3-4 strength exercises focused on some of these movements squat, single leg, dead lift, upper push or upper pull

Than 5-20 minutes of aerobic or interval training after that

Train hard and smart


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