Fall River Are You Doing The Right Workout?

Have you ever joined a gym and you get that 1st session with the trainer.

They show you around and give you some workout, you can refer back to.

This was my 1st experience at gym , it was years ago .

The year 2004 at the RAC (raynham athletic club)

I hated it, really boring and didn’t do much. It was either a bad program or maybe I didn’t work harder enough on it. (Although my mom thought Spending 2 hours at the gym, was too much, so I was defiantly putting a good effort in)

After a few months I started to going to my buddies gym and started working out with him.

My results came faster, I got stronger and added muscles, what seemed to happen  quickly.

Actually if it wasn’t for him, showing me how  to workout in that way. I might of never been a trainer. Because I wasn’t really digging the trainer way of working out.

Programs matter, a good one will get you better results, than poor one.

Although, you obviously got put in the work. 

If you want better workout and want better results.

Join my remote training program.

And get personal training results, without the 1 on 1 price and limited schedule.

This program is sure to add lean muscle and get you stronger . As well get you leaner if follow my diet advice.

You’ll get custom workouts written just for
Weekly check in and accountability
The best part is you’ll get results

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