Stop Comparing Yourself

I was talking skateboarding with my little brother the other day.

He mentioned he learned the ollie in a day.

It took me like a year to do this.

I watched endless videos.

Read article after article.

I loved skateboarding.

It was my life.

But, I was never that good.

Friends who barely skated could bust out double kickflips just for fun.

Skating was not only my first introduction to physical fitness. As before I only ever played video games for fun .

And the only physical thing I ever did was yard work and chores my Dad made me do.

But, it taught me some times ,your not going be good at things and if you want to improve you’ll have to work hard and long.

You might have to work harder, longer than others.

I had to learn to be ok.

You see many people see others, who they feel can lose weight easier or build muscle faster.

They focus too much energy on that, instead of their mindset,  habits, and consistency.

The truth it really doesn’t matter, if it comes easier to them.

It’s about you, it doesn’t change what you have to do, at the end of the day.

It’s just a waste of energy. You could be using it to grow and improve.

If you really want to achieve that goal of yours.

You have to do the work required.

Focus on you.

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