Somerset Are Workouts Ineffective?

Workout can very ineffective when it comes to fat loss.

I even think that, for some people who have tendency binge eat, tons of hard workouts, might driving more binging .

Which is why lifestyle habits have to combined to lose fat for most people.

I just did 2 hours martial arts and my tracker said I burned 1700 calroies. 

I had to bust my ass to burn those calories,.

On the other hand I could earn that back in a meal or two if I’m not aware.

Another thing is I don;t think those calories estimates are even that accurate, so I probably  didn’t even burn that much.

If your trying lose fat

Spend time on your diet as well as your training here a few things that work well.

Eat 12-11x your ideal BW 80% of the time minimal
Eat 100-200g protein depending  on your size.
Eat a big salad each’day
Eat filling foods, like fruits, veggies, lean protein and thing that have fiber in them.
Try to sleep before 10pm
Manage stress the best you can
Don’t eat until your stuffed

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