Hey Fall River, If You Can Do This Results Are Inevitable

I was on knees, gasping for air to catch my breathe during rounds of ji jitsu in Fall River, yesterday.

As some guys take a round off, to rest. I usually only do that , when I have to.

I do this for two reason.

1.I love doing ji jitsu and I want get a much matt time as possible.

2. I want get good, at using good technique and from , when I’m exhausted.

I think that is the key to success.

It is pretty easy to do things, the right way or well, when you are fresh or just starting.

It is a completely different animal , when you can do it when your tired, stress and feel like the whole world is closing in on you.

Getting good at doing good work under pretty stressful situation ,is a pretty important skill.

This goes for almost anything you want to excel at.

Ji jitsu
Working out
Your nutrition and diet

If your good at things, when your uncomfortable, you’ll be great at them when you are comfortable.


Fall River Personal Trainer

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