Fall River Trainer Reveals The Best Mindset To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

“I can’t believe I lost to this guys.”

Ever since I got back to ji jitsu, these new white belts would come in and I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with them, I have been doing this on and off for long time and I built a lot consistency this year.

But, when I think like that, I get humbled.

Life has funny way of humbling you, when you need it.

One of the best ways to get results is to be humble.

Nothing in life is easy, that I ever wanted.

You might not think so , but when you expect results to happen fast and without struggle like losing weight every week, getting good job right away out of school and or thinking you can beat some just because you some experience.

This is form of entitlement and really cockiness.

Best way to get results is to be humble, accept that it
-Will be hard.
-You will struggle and want to quit.
-That you’ll have to improve your self and grow as person to get the results you desire.
-Be humble enough to ask for help
-Be humble enough to look at the facts of why your not seeing the results you like.

I had an old coach who would say “you can be right or you can get results.” I think there is a lot of truth to that.

This is why I love Ji Jitsu . It is the ultimate balance of confidence  and humility.

One day your feeling good, your doing better and beating people.

The next day you feel, like you suck because every one is beating you.

The balance between confidence and humility is key to many of the good things in life.

Be Confident enough to chase your goals with conviction and humble enough to know it won’t be easy at all.


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