A Simple Workout For Busy Dads And Moms

Sometimes , we think an effective workout , needs to be an hour long with weights etc.. You know the ideal workout.

Sometimes that isn’t possible.

But, it’s ok.

Last week had limited time and did this upper body workout like this twice.

Did OEMs.

All that means is you do an exercise for a certain amount of reps each on each minute. Example if you do 10 pushups and it takes you 20 sec you have 40 sec of rest before you start the next set. Make sense.

Enter the 20 minute jacked dad workout.

The first 10 minutes I did 10 push up on every minute. Did different variations like close grip, spider, wide regular to mix it up.

The next 10 minutes I did 10 ring rows for 10 minutes. Again switched it up working different variation like wide grip, close grip, underhand grip and face pulls.

To end the workout on a high note,  I did the last set as many reps as possible.

In as little as 20 minutes I did at least 200 reps of upper body exercises.

Which is enough to build muscle and strength.

Also because your doing so much work in, such a short amount of time., you create a pretty good metabolic boost, which will help you burn fat(as long as your nutrition is ok and your sleeping ok)

One more thing , that  is awesome. You could plug and play to make this more of cardio workout for example do burpies or high knees. Or use it for leg or sprints. Like doing 20 kettlbell swings on every minute for 10 minutes.

Give this a try next time you only have 10-20 minutes to train.

Remember something is always better than nothing. Always!

What else, can I write a bout that would help you with your goals?

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