Why a 52 Week Transformation Challenge?

I’m looking for people to do my 52 week challenge, right now.

That might seem like  long time, what is up with that?

The longer I do this, I have realized a few things from the decade I’ve been training people.

-Things take long than expected.

-Things take more effort and planning than expected.

-Quick fixes never really work out in the long run.

-Set backs happen often, especially if you have kids, work full time and are married.

You may not like that, but it the truth about most of us have to deal with , change is hard, it takes time and when we need help for a while.

That is why I recommend this

Practice good nutrition and smart training habit, supervised by a coach for an 6- 18 months, have always been more effective. At least that is my experience, with the people I have worked with.

Look at Joe he lost over 100lbs and trained with me for year and half

Or Keith who trained with me for 2 years

or Joe who has been training with me for almost two years

Chris who trained with me for at least 6 months

Adam who ha been training with me for 8 months and is down 50 lbs

Great stuff takes time, so if your sick of going merry go around of quick fixes, extreme diets and workouts that you hate.

Apply for my 52 week challnge and get in the best shape of your life and stay there

Apply here


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