No Excuse Workouts!

Lets get real, we are all really busy and it can be tough to workout. But, the truth is if, we always say we don’t have time. We will never have time.

If we want to be around for our kids long term, get strong and build muscle, we have to make a mindset shift.

I don’t have time to workout to how can I make time to workout, if only for 5 minutes.

That is what the no excuse workout is all about, not making an excuse and getting at least 5 minutes of movement in each day or spending 5 minutes on what ever you are dedicated too.

This can be anything. What is important is that your doing the work?

The no excuse workout is powerful because
-You will start to destroy the all or nothing mindset, that leaves us fat and out of shape and unhealthy.
-You will start tranining your mind to want exercise, your mind will want, what you usually do.
-You will feel happier and you will get better results than doing nothing.

Take control of your life dedicate, 5 minutes to your goals, you deserve it and your kids deserve it.

Let me close with an example of one of things I’ve been doing when I can’t get into the gym for some weights or intervals. I’ve been building up walking lunges for time, while walking my son. Did 20 minutes yesterday and walked another 20-30 minutes afterwards.

Find a way to get it in, any way you can.

If you want me to help you get in the bets shape of your life, so you can be around for kids for a long time, feel great about your body. Apply for my 6 week challenge.

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