Fall River Lose Fat By Eating 1lb Of Watermelon!

When it comes to losing fat it is hard, right?

Your always going to have to eat less than you like.

Actually, if your not getting very hungry and struggling to lose fat, it is probably a sign your eating too much.

I had a question the other day about how much carb a client should eat.

It doesn’t really matter, if your in deficit and your protein is in check, you should be good.

But, if we look deeper.

Because we have to eat less, certain food will make it easier and certain foods will make it it harder.

If you eat carbs and your starving, maybe high fats and lower carbs diet might work better for you.

Vice versa if carbs fill you up and fats don’t.

I was thinking about this when I was eating my break fast which was 

16 oz cottage
almost 1 pound of water melon 
(which I couldn’t finish in one sitting actually)

As I put it in my fitness pal , I surprised how low calories a pound of water melon.

How filling it was at the same time.

This is why for fat loss nothing beats
fiber from fruits and veggies
water especially fruits and veggie that have lots water like water melon.

They fill you up, so it is easier to eat less.

If your struggling hitting your calorie goals, try eat more protein, fiber and water based foods. It might be a whole lot easier.


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