Fall River Trainer Helps You Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is pretty common these days.

A big reason for this is, how we live.( poor posture , little to no moments for most of the day

Which creates

-Tight thoracic spine or a round upper back

-Tight internal rota-tors like your front shoulders and chest.

-Weak upper back muscles like lower/mid traps

One of the best ways to improve shoulder health is to

Strengthen the upper back muscles, this will kill 3 bird with one stone. You will build a strong upper back, open up your upper back (thoracic spine), as well as open up those tight shoulder and chest muscles.

Rows can get hacked easily. So to me rows just aren’t enough.

I like these three exercises

Banded face pull

Banded pull part


Add these into your routine, and let me know if they make your shoulders feel better.

I would use them in your warm up, superset them after heavy upper body exercises and do them on off days.

Here is what I mean

Upper body warm up

Roll out chest and lats with lacrosse ball 60 sec

Stretch your chest for 60 sec

thoracic rotation 10/side

facepull 20 reps x2

pull aparts 20 x 2

medicine ball chest passes 3×5

Superset ideas

DB Bench Press 3×5 paired with band pull aparts

1 arm db row 3x 8 paired with banded facepull 3x 10

Hope this helps

Let’s get training

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