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Fall River Dad’s How Lose Fat Fast!

Everyone wants quick fat loss.

Over the years I have talked about many paths.

But, the quickest is probably
Hitting caloric goal, that will put you in deficit
Hitting your daily protein goals.
It’s just not be right for everyone.

Now, just because this is the fastest , doesn’t mean everyone needs go this route.

I have helped many people shed pounds doing other things like.

Eating less processed foods
Eating more protein 
Drinking more water
Consuming more veggies
Cutting out foods, that don’t leave you satisfied.

But, fat loss is triggered by being caloric deficit, and the reason why those things, work above is for that reason.

The thing is much as I personally and many of my clients over the years, might prefer the anti-calorie approach.

That approach isn’t full proof . You can still 

Eat too much while having unprocessed foods
You can hit more protein and still consume too many carbs and fats
You drink lots water and still make not the best choices.
You can consume more veggies and still give in to your Sweet tooth.

But, it just makes it a lot harder to over eat.

If your goal is fat loss.

Just realize , you have a few different routes to go.

The one you should choose , is the one that you can maintain for the longest.

If you like numbers maybe tracking calories and protein is where yous should start.

If you don;t like that idea, maybe start by eating more protein based meals, veggies/fruits and drinking more water and start cutting out proceeded foods.

Do what is right for you.

Not just in the next 30 days but for the rest for your life.


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