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Fall River Trainer Mindset

Most of my life I was uncoordinated weak and scrawny.

This sorta of built a chip on my shoulder mentality.

So, when I got strong and added a some muscle.

I started competing in meaningless activates, say like backyard football.

Even if someone was better than me, faster , stronger, and more skilled.

I never laid down and took it. I always wanted them to work for it.

You might beat me but, I’m going make you earn every inch of it.

This mindset has served me well at times.

In life, if that is business, fitness sports etc

It pays to not quit and back down at the first sign of failure.

Even when things are hopeless or the obstacle in front of you seem hard.

It so important to give it all you got each day.

Sometimes that is a lot and some weeks that maybe a little.

You don’t lay down and make it easy for your opponent  or life

This why getting rid of the all of nothing mindset is so important.

But, instead spot all nothing mind set is important . 

And always do nothing.

Think about where would you be, if you didn’t say screw to diet because, you had one poor meal.

Or skip there entire Month at the gym because your first week back didn’t go so well.

Be tough to beat and you’ll start beating people and life more and more.


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