Is Cardio A Must To Lose Fat?

When you think weight loss, fat loss or getting ripped?

You might be thinking, of all the cardio you have to do.

Things like do higher reps might come to mind as well.

The truth is fat loss comes down to nutrition and sleep mostly.

People don’t gain weight because there not jogging, or spending hour on the treadmill.

But, because of we may eat  and the stress we are under and the lack of sleep. Or all three,

Now, if you like doing cardio , go for it dig in .

As long as you know it not a must, especially the kinds most people hate like running, cardio machines etc.

Here 3 ways you can lose fat by exercising . But, like I said if you sleep like shit and are not working on improving your nutrition, you bound for disappointment, even with this. Need nutrition help click here 

  1. Lift- This is the most important and effective, because if you done right. It burn a crap a tons calories and ensures that the weight, you lose is from fat, not muscle. This is important because less muscle means, slower fat loss and when you do lose fat, you might not have the look your looking for.

2. Move every day, doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it doesn’t beat you up. Finding something active that you like to do for at least 5-30 minutes per day. This will help burn calories, recover and keep your motivation up. Walks, hikes, riding a bike, pick up games, light jogging are great, have fun with it.

  3. last thing you may want to add 1-2 two tough conditioning sessions(These are things like sprints, intervals circuit training). For some this can really boost fat loss, but if you under sleep, constantly stressed and eat rough, these seems to have the opposite effect.  So, if that sounds like you, I would just lift and do low intensity movements on off days, as well as work on improving  your food and sleep

Here are a couple example

#1 Younger less stressful Guy

LIFT- Mon, Weds, Fri

Daily movements  walking there dog 15-30 minutes per day

Sprints after Wednesday workout and Saturday Circuit training

#2 Example Busy and stressed out Dad

Lifts Tues Thursday and Saturday morning

Daily movements- Does 5-15 minutes of body weight exercises, when he wakes up , like squats, pushups, lunges, planks and goes for 15 minute jog or run , when he has a chance.

Does 1 sprint session after Saturday sessions, but will skip it, if too busy, stressed out and opt for a walk, instead.

Do those things on a regular basis and great thing will happen.

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