I Fell On The Ground After These Sprints

I did a leg day and finished with some tough sprints on the sled after , I fell on the ground and just took a moment, to gather myself.

Today was completely different did 5 minutes of stretching and mobility and finished with tempo runs on the sled . Which just mean your sprinting 70% effort with long rest.

I felt vey different today. I had a lot more energetic afterwards and felt like I could do a lot more. Which is a great indicator a recovery workout gone well.

Every workout doesn’t have be tough and brutal to be effective. It doesn’t have to be tough at all. (I just like to train like that way, people get results from zumba and watching what they eat)

If your like me, it ok to push yourself but every workout doesn’t need too be intense.

Actually it shouldn’t be that is counter productive for most of things we are tying accomplish like

Building Muscle

Losing belly fat

Get strong

Bering energetic throughout the day.

If we don’t recover we don’t get results. Recovery is just as important as training hard. Sometimes we forget that.

Here is a couple guidelines, I put together for you to help you recover aka get better results.

  • Try not to do 2-3 hard workouts in row.
  • Instead of a complete rest days do something active on your off days play with kids, go for walks etc, this works better than doing nothing and sitting on our bums.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours sleep and try get as much of that as possible before 12am.
  • Use foam roll or lacrosee ball to roll out tight muscle .
  • Eat a protein and fruit or veggie with each meal

Hope that helps

If your looking for some help with your nutrition, check out this free resource I put together with precision nutrition. Click the picture.

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