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Amber Experience With Fall River Trainer Bobby Collins

My name is Amber Pinto and I’m a busy mom of three young boys. I decided to train with Bobby about 6 years ago. I joined because I wanted to be active and able to keep up with my children. I was nervous to train with Bobby because I’m a very shy person. Also, I was unsure if I would even be able to train without being so exhausted and getting sick to my stomach. I’ve tried different exercise classes before and i always quit because I would end up sick. I decided to join and try it out. I was able to notice results during my first month. Every time I showed up I would leave feeling better and stronger. I’ve had a lot of success mentally and physically. The program works because you are given all the tools to succeed. Bobby is very knowledgeable, patient and professional. I am able to be active with my children and I’ve gained an outlet to relieve stress. I’m thankful that I made the decision six years ago to give it a shot. If I was to give someone advice about joining I would say to try it out you have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Bobby’s program works because it is programmed to fit each individual’s needs. The people at the gym are extremely supportive and encouraging.

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