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How To Make Working Out Fun

I’ve always hated working out.

It’s boring and drags out.

It always seemed too much like a hamster running on a wheel.

When I got into training, that all changed.

Working out and training might seem like the same to most people. and the difference I’m going to explain might seem like a stretch.

But, for me, it made training fun, interesting and motivating.

To me, a workout, is where you go in to just to sweat, burn calories and go through the motions.

But, training is when you train intentionally with purpose.

Training is about trying improve your performance each week by

Doing more reps

Doing More Weight

Beating your times from the previous week.

It is this intention, that not only makes it more engaging.

But, really effective as well.

By getting into improving performance, you get to build some wins. while you’re trying to change your body.

Fat loss takes time and it can be like watching paint dry at times.

This can be why people can’t stick to a plan for long.

If your , only feeling of winning is, when the scales move down, it can be a tough process.

But, if you feel a win because you’re doing more weight or reps each week.

You can create more wins and that makes the plan easier.

You might even, eventually be one of the crazy people, who says working out is fun 🙂

Train for performance and eat for health and your body fat/muscle goal goal

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