Humble by burpies

I was a beast at burpies.



When I was doing Spartan races, back before it was the cool thing to do.


Even now I still got the fast and explosive burpie down.


I did a ton burpies in my training , sense if you miss an obstacle you had to do  30.


I could bang 30 fast and explosive . They were quick and high.


But, I remember being humbled at an event, one of my buds gym was running.


There  was a bunch challenges and one of them were 100 bupies with pushups. I didn’t really do that many burpie pushups sense most Spartan races didn’t require them.


I thought I would be the fastest, I wasn’t. It was definitely humbling.


Going fast and explosive or doing hard workout or even doing tough nutrition strategies has a time place.


But, if you approach every situation with that. Your bound to get humbled and stumble. Not that, it is a bad thing that is how we learn.


Going hard and all is great and fun. What I prefer actually. 


But, do that with a marathon and you’re in for rough day.


Do that with your regular daily nutrition, your bound to never drop weight or add muscle. Even develop eating issues.


Know when to go all out and when not to is huge mindset shift but it will create huge results as well.


My advice always do something no matter what.


Today with your training, fitness, health and nutrition.


Either go hard or go easy.


But, don’t do nothing.


Always do something


Think in the past month, where would of you been better off going harder and intense and where would it have been better to go a little easier, so you could be more consistent.


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