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You Can’t Neglect This, If You Like To Change Your Body

It’s a New Year and you have goals.

That is awesome. But, what derails many people. Are injuries!

If you can’t train consistently, you can’t change your body and health.

  • No fat loss
  • No muscle
  • No improving your fitness and health.

2 ways not to get banged up are

  • Warm-up properly
  • Trains movements that your body loves.

Let’s start with the warm-up.

A few things we want a warm-up to do.

  • Warm-up the body temperature.
  • Loosen tight muscles
  • Put your joint in ideal alignment.
  • Practice movements you’ll do later.
  • Ramp your nervous system, for a great session.

A warm-up should look like this

Exercise 1 – Stretch tight muscles that will limit you. These are often front side muscles like the chest, front hip, and front thigh.

Exercise 2- Core, we want to do an exercise to activate your core. This will get your core muscles ready but also allow your hips to be more flexible.

Exercise 3 Backside, we want to activate the back side. This is due to the backside muscles are often weaker and need more work to get going. Doing so will also put your joints centered for a safe workout.

Exercise 4 Movement prep, is where we practice the most important move, we will do in the workout. This is usually the exercise that you’ll go most intense with. I usually program two exercises here. Example bodyweight squat and pushups for 3 sets of 3. We are trying to perfect our form, so when we add weight later. We are ready to rock.

Exercise 5. Power, we want to get our nervous system ready to work hard, do a few sets of low rep power exercises. Jumps. Sprints or throws. Have these go with what you will train. For example on leg day, do jumps and on an upper day, do throws.

In my next, blog I’ll go over training movements your body loves. But, for now, make sure your warm-up is right.

Here are some same warm-ups examples

  • Leg day warm-up
  • Couch stretch 60s per
  • SidePlank 2x 20s
  • Bridges 2x 10
  • Light kb squat 3 reps, then a light kb RDL 3 reps for 3 sets
  • Box jump 3 sets of 3 reps
  • Upper day warm-up
  • Pec stretch 30s per side
  • Birddog 2×5
  • Band pull apart 2x 20
  • Easy push-up and rows 3 sets of 3
  • Medicine Ball Slam 3x 3

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