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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Gym Time?

We are all busy, so we want to make sure the time in the gym, is helping us.

2 ways to do this are to focus on fundamental movements, instead of body parts.

And go deep on a few exercises, instead of doing many.

Fundamental movements are movements that we, made to. When we wrap our training, around this, we tend to

Get strong and build muscle easier

Burn more calories

Become resilient to injuries

The movements are


single leg

Hip hinge

Upper push

Upper Pull

Locomotion, like walking, sprinting, jogging and loaded carries

So, throughout the week, we want to hit each movement at least twice. By doing this you will supercharge your results and get a great workout in less time.

The next thing is to stop doing a bunch of work, that is subpar and start working hard at just a few things. We can do that by

Doing more warm-up sets.

Focus on great form and control.

Rest properly, so we can go harder with each exercise.

A great example of this is my basic leg day


Hip Hinge

Single-Leg Exercise

Hamstring or glute work.

On paper, it doesn’t look like much but, when we focus on the things above. It is a kick-ass workout, that produces results.

Take these 2 tips and get after it today.

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