How to build muscle?(Even if you think you can’t)

4 simple tips to just that.

If your like me, and are naturally scrawny and weak.

The popular muscle building advice just doesn’t work, for most of us like, the ones you might see in bodybuilding magazines


Focus on these 4 things, to break through your plateaus

1.Use movements you can use a lot weight with like compound lifts

Pick a compound lift for each category
squat like a goblet squat or barbell squat
dead lift like a RDL, kettlebell deadlift
single leg exercise like lunge, step up, split squat
upper body push, chest press, military press, push up
upper body pull like strap row, a 1 arm rows, bench row

2. Get strong with reps of 5-8 reps with good form.

Without constantly increase the work done, it will be hard to build muscle.

Start with weights, you can do at 5 reps.

Do that until you can do it for sets of 8 reps.

Than bump the weight go back to reps of 5, repeat.

3.Get 7-9 hours sleep.

Sleep will make or break any fitness goal including,building muscle.

It won’t matter what you do in the gym if you can’t recover.

4 Schedule and commit 3-4 sessions a week

If you don’t train enough you won’t get results.

Focus on training consistently 3-4x week and trying hit each movement type 2-3x week.

Here a couple idea of splits to do

full body
lower body movement
upper body push
upper body pull

3x week, with day of rest in between

upper and lower

upper body day 1
pick 2 exercise for each upper body type

lower body day
pick 1 exercise from each lower body type

upper body day 2
pick 2 exercises from upper body type, make them different than day 1

if your going do 4th day
another leg day or do some sprints or conditioning

Any questions?

PS You’ll need fuel these workouts, here is my free nutrition and meal idea guide

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