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How To Build Explosive Power By A Fall River Trainer?

4 Reasons Why Non-Athletes Need T Build Power

  1. Power actually keeps us safe to react quickly in life. Lost of power are contributed to falls as we get old, which can be life ending. There are many other examples , when we need to react quickly in life.

2 If we have more power, that increases our potential for better lifts, which will help us build more muscle as well as lose more fat.

3 When we do compete in hobbies such basketball or pick up football etc with friends , power is powerful friend. In smashing your buddy and getting bragging rights.

4. If you do conditioning, more power makes it more effective. Take hill sprints for an example. If you have more power behind your sprints, you’ll drive your heart rate up high up faster. Making it more effective.

Power is about creating a lot of force very quickly.

It not about getting tired or fatigued.

Many times, when people start training, in this way, they might feel like it is easy.

Keep the intention on short sets of explosive bouts and rest longer enough, that you can repeat that explosive bouts.

TIP- If you can measure your power, so you know, when you start produce less power, it may help choose the right amount of sets.

Example Timing how long it takes sprint 10 yards and you might stop, when the time dramatically gets slower.

Don’t turn it into cardio.

Here are my favorite exercises types to build power

KB swings
Kb snatches

hill sprints
sled sprints
Prowler sprints
Done for short distance for speed 5-20 yards

Jump variations
box jumps
depth drops
jumping lunge
jump squat
hurdle jumps
1-5 reps

Throw variations
chest pass
overhead slam
rotation throw
rotational slam
scoop throw
1-5 reps

Do you do any of these in your workout?

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