Fall River Dad’s Want Jacked Shoulder’s Without The Pain?

Want jacked shoulders but your joints are a mess and you dont have heavy weights.
Boom problem solved
As we get older, most us are better off making light weights feel heavy.
Stress the muscle not the joints
This exactly what this circuit will do.
Got this idea from joe defranco he has a bunch dufferent varations check out his page.
Start with
10sec sec bent over raise hold
10 sec standing hold
8 shoulder circles each way
Alternating shoulder raise 8 per side
Curl lateral raise negative 8 reps
Do 2-3 times your shoulder will be smoked and your joints will feel good.
You don’t need much weight.
Sense becoming dad I’ve had a great interested in helping other dads
Build muscle and strength
Without beating up our joints
Feeling energized and confident
Without doing any diets
If your looking for help apply for a free consult I’d live to work with you

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