Do You Really Need Low Carbs To Lose Weight?

There is a current mindset that into order to lose weight, you have to cut out carbs.

This works great for some people and works very well because.

-You cut carbs,  so your reducing calories, that will help you lose weight. Just as if you cut out fats or proteins .

-You lose a lot of water weight because stored carbs hold more water.

-These people aren’t crazy about carbs in the first place.

But, for others low carbs can be problem  because.

-They like carbs a lot. Even when they can go low carbs, they will crave even worst carbs and sweets. All though , they might be able do it for a while, they will eventuality cave and go back to eating them in the worst way

-They are already really stressed in life and low carb is just another stress negatively effects there hormones.

-If you are trying to keep your muscle and strength. Low carbs may give you low energy for workouts and make it easy to lose your strength and muscle.

The Answer

Like most things in this industry that loves to go from one extreme to the next . The right answer is usually in the middle.

If your trying to lose fat you could benefit from

-Dropping carbs a little. Little being the key word.

-Also replacing your carbs with better versions.

-Like ones that are less processed, and make you feel more energetic, as well as have lot of nutrient in them.

-Eat starchy carbs mostly around your workouts

2 steps to do this

  1. Eat carbs high in the carb continuum . Think of scale 1-10. 1 being the worst carbs you can eat for your goals and 10 being the best crabs you can consume for your goals.

1 might be candy or muffin. And 10 might be sweet potatoes or some fruit.

Simple think about the carbs you had yesterday. Instead cutting them out out, go higher on carb continuum.

For instance say you had a muffin for breakfast yesterday , maybe today you have some toast and fruit.

You had a sub for lunch you might, have good quality wrap with less ingredients and lower calories.

This works great because

-You’ll absorb less calories from minimally processed carbs than processed version

-Better carbs will fill you up faster. Eating 500 calories of coao puffs are way easier than eating 500 calories of oatmeal.

-You ‘ll crave less sugar overall all because your giving your body the carbs it desires.

Simple do that for two weeks. If you notice results. You don’t have a carb problem, you have carb quality problem.

2. Now, if that doesn’t work don’t, go panicking you might just need to cut a little carbs, not all of them. Carbs are great to energize your workout, brain function and help you recover. Just cut a little bit out.

You can do this by eating smaller portions with each meal or

A great strategy is eat most of your starchy carbs like rice, potatoes, whole grains etc after your workouts. You’ll eat less of them and post workout is the best time to eat carbs, so they don’t get turned into fat to easily.

Say you workout tonight, when you get home and eat dinner. Have a good size serving of a minimally processed carbs.

The other meal focus on lean protein , healthy fats vegetables an d fruit.

That is how you eat carbs and lean out, all at the same time.

Sample carb continuum To Work Off of

table sugar, candy, syrups

muffins , cakes, cookies, pies, chips, cracker, ice cream

processed granola, breakfast or protein bars , cereal ,

white bread, tortilla, wraps rolls, pasta

less processed bread or lower calorie

fruits, whole grains, sweet potato, potato, rice , oatmeal

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3 Way To Lean Out While Keeping Your muscle

When it is time to lose fat, as far as exercises goes. People go towards the jogging, cardio machines and other form of long duration cardio.

If you want to keep the muscle you have while dropping fat, you want do forms of cardio, conditioning that makes you use your muscle hard as you do the cardio.

Here are my three I like.

  1. Hill sprints- I love these things. My favorite way to train in the summer by far. You get some rays, great cardio workout and hormone benefits to help you keep your muscle mass and drop fat  . It simple , find a hill, sprint up it as fast you can, walk down and repeat to your favorite music.

  1. Loaded carries- Great to build raw strength, get your heart racing and awesome for your core to. Pick something up and carny for distance or time.  Farmer walk and rack walk with kettles bells are my favorite.

  1. Use strength and power exercise in circuit. You don’t want it to be, so intense it effects your lifting session but enough to get hear rate up and effect your conditioning. You can do this for time, interval, time total or specific rounds Something like this.

Kettlebell swings 8

pushup 8

jumping lunges 8/side

Do as many times as you can for 8 minutes, Rest for 2 minute repeats one more time for 4 minutes.

Pick one you like and do 2-3 x a week to lean out. Let me know how you like them.

Need help training and improving the food you eat. Reach out to me.

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Bears, Dropping Inches And Building Muscle

If you were camping with a few of your best buds and all of sudden, boom your being chase by this big hungry beer.

To survive, you don’t have to be the fastest one out of your buds you, just can’t be slowest

This is exactly like exercise and nutrtion, that we screw up on.

We act like we only get results if we do perfect nutrtion and exercises. No wonder why so many of us are, all or nothing.

Which isn’t true , we just can’t always be doing the worst things.

When we start to realize and act on thi.s

We stop stopping and start getting better results with whole lot less stress too.

Here is what I mean, think of the worst and best thing you can do for your fitness and nutrtion.

Here is an example for dinner.

The worst thing may be something like a pizza or even worst maybe some chips and dip.

The best thing might be some salmon, with steamed veggie and  sweet potato .

But, what in between those two things.

Say on scale 1-10, the pizza is 1 and the salmon is 10. If you ate meal that was 5 or 7. You still get way better results than , the pizza at 1.  For example a 5 might cheese burger with side of asparagus instead of fries .

Let’s take a look at exercise

1 Is not doing anything to move or exercise .

10. I might have an intense strength workout with sprints after.

But, in between that I might 15 minute walk or 10 minute body weight workout at home. Or even 5 minutes of some type of exercise.

I’m still going get the feel good feeling, burn some calories and boost my energy by doing one of the above three.

Stop stopping. Keep going and don’t worry about being perfect just try not to do the worst possible things and you’ll ok.

Being consistent is way more important than being perfect


Summer is coming, want learn how to get out of the all nothing pattern that is hold you back and causing your weight to yo-yo.

Apply here for one of our results based programs.


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6 Reason Why You Wont Look And Feel Your Best

2nd Day of Spring is here and with that the nice weather will soon follow.

With warm weather comes a little more motivation to drop fat and tone up. So, you can feel your best, this summer.

When we feel our best we are happier and more productive people.

But, if you get stuck feel self conscious and crappy at the beach o ther many of the cookouts you’ll go to this year. That is no fun.

It’s not just about losing fat and building muscle. But, it is how it makes you feel and in turn become and do.

6 Reason Why You Wont Look And Feel Your Best

  1. Your not consistent. You only do things when you feel like it , instead of dedicating to something. Your all or nothing. Truthfully that turns into a whole lot of nothing most of the time, especially when your busy and stressed. If that sounds like you check this article out

2. You’ll focus too much on fads when it comes to nutrtion like detoxes, going no carb, no dairy and gluten free. Instead of working on the classics that work.

3. You’ll neglect strength training and in the process get less and less toned even if you do lose some weight.

  1. You will spend more time beating yourself up and being mad about your slip ups. Than learning from your mistakes and how you can move and eat better, a little better each day.
  2. You’ll neglect recovery that body needs to get results  like sleep, relaxing, soft tissue work and walks.
  3. You’ll try to do things that are too advanced for you, get worn out and quit.

There you have 6 ways if you avoid, you’ll be good.

But, do you know what I hate, blogs that tell you what is wrong. But, than don’t even point in the right direction.

I wont do you, like that.

Here 6 Way to lose inches and feel good.

  1. Strength train 3 x week working these moves squat, dead lifts, push up or press, lunge and a row. Learn how to do them and than get stronger at them each week.
  2. Start to eat slowly and pay attention to when you know it’s time to slow.
  3. Don’t worry about cutting everything out so fast. Add minimally possessed proteins, fruits and vegetables to ll your meals.

4. Drink 1-2 cups of water before each meal.

5. Move every day or at least 6 days week. This could be a walk, a strength session, sport/hobbie or quick 5 minute workout in the am to wake you up.

6. ADVANCED TIP- Eat starchy carbs on your strength days like rice and potato with your meals and cut them out on the other days

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Count Your Way To A New You

Want a simple way to improve your nutrtion, workouts and body.

As long as you can stop think and count 1-10. This will work for you.

You can expect to

-Improve your relationship with food.

-Drop inches and tone up.

-Have more energy, even after you eat.

-Get strong and confident.

We are going break this down into two strategy

Hunger games

Learn and Practice eating until 80% full. Regardless of what your eating. The better food you eat, the better this works.

But, the idea is to think of our hunger on a scale 1-10.  1 being your starving and 10 not at all because your full to the point your uncomfortable .

Our goal is ,when we are eating is take a bite of food, chew slowly. Stop and think, where are we on that scale. When your at  8 stop eating, regardless if your done eating. Throw it away or save it for later. Which can be toughed because we grow up learning to finish all the food on our plate.

This is not an exact number and will be different each time we eat. This is about eating slower, and thinking of eating and getting better at easing until your satisfied instead of until your stuffed. Some times this will be eating more and sometimes less.

The great thing about this is regardless, what you eat, you can work on this. You literally never have an excuse not work on this. It is always something you can work on.

Tip though, this works best when you eat mostly minimally processed foods. Also the most important time to do this when your starving,  eating your favorite foods and when your stressed out/pissed out.

RPE Scale 1-10

This a scale that is used to scale our perceived exertion after an exercise.

What we want is to shoot for, is after a resistance exercise is 7-9.

Think of this scale as 1 being easy like a paper weight and 10 being the hardest damn thing you ever did .

So say your doing set of squats for 8 reps. You would rest and ask your self , how hard did that feel from a scale 1-10.

If it’s an 8 your probably using a pretty good weight or exercises variation. Keep that for the rest of your sets

If it’s less than that, you want to up the resistance or difficulty some how. Unless your warming up or just learning the exercise.

This will ensure the exercises will help you build strength, muscle tone and boot your metabolism to burn fat.

Do these two and watch your body change, health and pant size change.

Any question email us.


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4 Habits To Master To…….

Drop inches , build a tone body and feel your best.

If you have been on the diet carousel for a while with, not much to show.

Try this way, it might just be what you have been looking for.

The things with diets, people are always starting and stopping. So, is the results that goes with it.

So, let’s try a different route.

Instead of a depriving diet.

Try to do these 5 habits systematically,

With each one, find ways to do it every day. Don’t just do it. But, master it keep trying to do it better and better each day.

For the time being forget about anything else besides these habits. Nothing else matter, except mastering and doing that habit every day.

Habit 1 Make time

Commit to making at least 10 minutes to yourself. Look at your calendar and make it happen. What you do with the time, isn’t important right now.

But, build the dedication and routine that you always make time for your self.

First two weeks, just do that. Here a few idea what you could do in the time you sketch out for yourself.

-Write down what you ate today?

-Exercise in some way.

-Breathe or stretch .

-Write down your goals or journal.

Again it’s not so much what you do, but building the skill of setting time for you.

Habit two Eat slowly

The next one is simple and might see kinda weird at first. But, eat slower. Eat whatever you want but eat slower no matter what.

-Set reminders, so you don’t forget at first.

-You can time your eating and try to be a little slower than you normally do.

-Put your food down when your chewing and take your time chewing each bite.

-Try to chew each bite 10-15 times .

-Make eating the only thing you do , get off your cell, lab top tv etc.

What this does is build a ton awareness about eating habits, food taster , hunger cues and also allow your stomach tell your brain it may be time to slow down.

At this point the only thing your doing is making time to exercises and eating slower

Habit 3 Eat until your 80% full.

One of the problems we have is that, we have to eat less to lose weight. But, everything around us tell us to eat more. We have lost the feelings of when to eat and when to stop eating.

Think about this?

How do you know when to eat? When hungry, when bored, when stressed, when it is a certain time, etc.

How do you know when to stop? When your plate is clean, when there nothing in the pan to eat, when your stuffed?

The goal of this habit is to slow down and stop when your 80% full.

Now that isn’t an exact number but it is something we want work on doing. And learning what 80% full feels like.

Simple way to do this is think of your hunger on scale

1-10, 1 is your not hungry at all and 10 your starving like never before.

Try to eat when your at an 8 and stop eating when your at 2 or 3.

Chew your food slow. Stop observe where your at. Still not full, eat more. Feeling full around 80%. Stop and if you have bite or two left. Throw it out or save it for later .

Doing this one is huge because it get’s you to learn how to eat less without feeling deprived. That is huge.

For the next two weeks you’ll make time, to exercises, eat slowly and start at least stop when your 80% full.

Habit 4 Eat protein with each meal

Include lean protein with each meal. So each time you eat add a palm of protein from

eggs or egg whites

chicken or turkey

lean meat beef or pork


greek yogurt or cottage cheese

protein supplement like, whey or plant based

beans and lentils

This will help you burn more fat, build muscle as well get you fuller faster.

Keep eating what you want just be sure sure to add protein every time you eat.

So now we are eating protein with each meal, eating until 80%full, eating slowly and making time for your self.

Habit 5 Eat your heaviest carb meals around your workout or post workout.

This is simple and great for fat loss. What ever carbs your eating if it is bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal plan to consume them after your workouts.

This is the best time they will be used without being turned into fat. Plus they will help your recover fast as well build muscle.

This is great way to use carbs to recover without going too crazy if your don’t do well on high carb diet.

Example say you workout at 5pm  for dinner at 7pm have serving of your protein and a carb you like.

During the other meals try to have a little less carbs. (If that’s hard for you right now, just worry about having a carb after you train)

So for these two weeks we are making  time to exercises, eating slowly until we are 80% full , having lean protein with each meals and eating carbs with the meal after we train.

If you get this far your probably have less fat , more muscle and feeling pretty good.

The key is focusing on the habits at hand and don’t worry or look ahead. This is about building skills not seeing, how much you can take on a once.

If your going do this, let me know how it works out for you.


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5 Steps To Droping Inches And Build Lean Muscle

This weekend was beautiful. Reminds me that spring and summer are right around the corner.

Soon people will be rushing around try to drop pounds by doing tall these crazy things.

If you don’t want be one of those people. Make it easy.

All you got do is start doing these 5 simple things today.

5 Ways To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

  1. Slow it down

Eat slower and eat until your 80% full. You want eat less but counting calories can be tough and sometime inaccurate. If you can focus on slowing how fast you eat, put your food down in between bites. Pay attention to how you feel after each bite.

Get in tune with this 80% done feeling you’ll start dropping weight. This isn’t an exact science. So don’t worry about being perfect or even knowing what 80% is. Think of fullness as a rating 1-10. After each bite, think about how you feel and where your at stop at 8. Or another one is eat on smaller plates or think of it like leaving a few bites on your plate. When you make this habit you’ll start eating less automatically and starting dropping weight.

2. Where are your proteins and vegetables ?

Eat plenty of unprocessed proteins and vegetables. These will help build muscle, get fuller faster and burn fat better. Eat sources you enjoy, in way you enjoy. To often we force our self to eat foods we hate . Focus more on this.

What high proteins food do you really like and what vegetable;es do you really like?

How can you cook or prepare them so you enjoy them the best?

Example over cooked baked Chicken and boiled veggies aren’t my thing.

But I really enjoy nice piece of baked salmon and saute asparagus with oil and garlic.

3.Where is your water?

Drink plenty of water. Start your day with a tall glass and drink all day. Super simple but huge. I can always tell when I don’t drink enough water. I start to feel my hunger out get of control and realize that haven’t drank much today.

4. Lift

Lift some weights. Your not going get that tone look unless you challenge your muscle. Try to do more weight or reps each week. Focus on compounds moves like squats, deadlifts, rows lunges, pushups and rows.

5. Where are your zzzzzzzzzzzz?

Sleep 6-8 hours of sleep, get in the habit of going bed early and find fun ways to be active on your off days. Sleep is one of the simplest but effective way to have more energy lose more weight and build muscle. But, no ones focus on.

Shoot for 7-9 hours a sleep, the more sleep you get before midnight. The better quality it is.

On off days you’ll recover faster, feel better and burn more calories by finding fun ways to move. Try things you enjoys like walks, your favorite classes, sports or activity.

Simple stuff here guys. Results are not in the complicated but doing the simple stuff really well

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A Workout You Will May Like!

I made a little change to my interval workout yesterday. I thought my reasoning for wanting to do it. Could be helpful to you.

But, before I get into this.

Nutrition is tough and it hard to make changes. So, why not enjoy your workout a little more.

I’m not advocating an easy or not working hard. But, if you can do a workout that you enjoy or workout out you hate . And both get you similar results. Why not do the one you enjoy.

Back to my workout. I had this workout planed. It was an interval workout 30 sec on with 40 sec rest in between exercise’s for 3 rounds.

kb snatches

med ball slams

grappler throws with the rope

sled push

rope row

But, I wasn’t super motivated and I haven’t done any kick boxing or boxing in couple months. Wanted to do something like that. So I replaced med ball slams with all out boxing punches and the rope row with roundhouse kicks(Which I find wicked fun).

So it looked like this

kb snatches


grappler throws

sled pushes

roundhouse kicks for those same intervals.

My big point here is if your main goals is to move, burn calories, get strong and toned. You don’t have to do things you hate.

Try this workout pick 5 exercise you love or maybe you don’t hate. Do 30 sec on and 30-60 sec off for 3 rounds.

So if you hate bur pies , don’t do them. If you like jump rope better do that.

You’ll feel a lot better and it wont take so much will power to train.

What are your favorite five exercise that you can fit into this interval workout.

These ones I love or like

jump squats


kickboxing drills


jump rope

These ones I don’t have so much love for

lunges or step ups

rope drills

kb swings

high knees

So fill your workout with things that challnge you and that you enjoy(at the very least don’t hate)

Let’s spread the idea that exercise can be fun and rewarding . That isn’t a form of punishment or torture.

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2 Ways To Get Better Results

Here is the thing about results.

By results I’m talking about what most are looking for. So things like

-weight loss

-building muscle

-Get strong

-Running longer

These are all goals but we can’t really directly effect them.

But, what we can do is do things or don’t do things that effect those things like.

Example if you eat less you may influence more weight loss. Just like if you lift weights you’ll get stronger

So, in my book, we should focus on our habits and routines, that we can directly effect.

Which in turn will effect the things we truly want.

So we have to grow each day, each week and each month. To get better at these routines and habits.

There are two ways to do this.

Do something better.

Do something more

They both work, well. If you commit and execute these two each week. You’ll get results.

Let’s chat about both

Do it better

This is when you do something, well better. So could be have better breakfast. Say you go from a donut and coffee to eggs and toast.

Or say you go from walking for 20 minutes to lifting for 45 minutes.

With recovery it could be going from going bed a 12am to going bed at 9pm.

The quality and effectiveness of what your doing goes up

This will give you better results.

There is no question we have to eventually do things better

But, here is where most people get it wrong

Do it more

Doing it better is only as good as how much your doing it.

I could eat amazing today but if for next 6 days I eat the worst.

It probably wont help me much.

Being able to repeat what you did better is just as important.

Now, doing something more makes, doing it better more difficult.

Most people can go hard for a day or two but can not maintain it that for a month or a year

Here is the key to growing, getting better results

Good enough

What you do better needs not be so dramatically different or better.

It just needs to be good enough improvement on what you were doing before.

So that its effective but you able to also repeat it over and over again.

I want you to think about how you are approaching nutrtion, exercises and recovery/stress management.

Are trying to do it better without doing it more.

How can you make your exercise and nutrition a little easier, so that you can do it more

Do things better , but better isn’t it worth all that much, if you can’t do it more

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5 Go To Workout to A quick one

Hi guys sometimes you don’t have all the time in world to workout or your so drained. You just want do quick one, to get moving.

So, I wanted to share my go to workouts, when I’m in a bind or not feeling a big workout but still want to make sure I move on that day.

  1. OEM

I made a video about this on facebook the other day. But, this super simple and kinda seems like nothing but it takes a toll.

Every minute just do an exercise for 8-15 reps. Do it as fast as you can , than rest for the rest of the minute.

Example if you for 10 jump squats and it takes you have 15 sec, you take 45 sec to rest.

You do one exercise or a few and alternate for variety.

Do this 10-20 minutes.

2. Countdowns

This has to be my favorite. Do this one more exercises. Start at reps and work your way down.

Have fun with it. You countdown by 1,2,3,5s.

Here a few example

jump squat 10,9,8,7,6, etc

pushups 10,9,8,7,6 etc

Or do it more circuit style

burpies 14

pushups 14

lunges 14/side

squats 14

Each round drop by 2 reps until you get to 2


Especially on summer day this is great. Go to a park, hill or beach. Sprint a distance all out as fast you can. than walk back to where you started do this 6-12 reps or 10-20 minutes

4. Complexes

This is a good one if you have weights at home and want quick workout. Even if there not heavy.

A complex is when you do circuit with one piece of equipment do each exercise as fast you can and not putting the implement down until you done every exercises. You can do this 2-5 sets

Example for 10lbs db

Squat and press 10 reps

lunges 10 reps total

bent over rows 10 reps

burpies with db 10 reps

Rest and repeat

Or a simpler one with a kb

kettle bell swing- dead lift and squat press all 12 reps.

Rest and Repeat

5. Flows and freestyle

Exercise and movement doesn’t have to be so structured. Sometimes I just get on the floor and move, how I feel. I’ll do some squat , than go into some mountain climbers, than go into some pushups and just do movements I enjoy.


jump squat 10

bear squat 10

pushups 10

spidr climber 10 total

You could be more creative and flow or do something like that for 5 minutes.

This great wake up in am.

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