Do This To Super charge Any Program!

If your starting a diet or been just looking to eat better.

Before you get into calories counting, carb cycling, paleo or counting your macros.

You got to do these first.

Well if you want to be successful.

A lot things can work as far as nutrtion goes.

But, you got to execute it.

Sometimes  that means we are better off executing an easier program than constantly failing or procrastinating a harder one.

So, before you get all diet crazy. You would be smart to get good a these three things. Which will make following any program a lot easier. This is like pre diet 101

Keep a food log.  I know nothing new. But, if you have discipline to keep it for 30 days. Despite if its good day or bad one. You’ll get two power full things from this. You’ll leaning how to be consistent(which is a lot harder than it sounds) and you’ll going to learn a ton about yourself and how, why and what you eat. Which will make it easy to decide what you need to work on.

Shop And plan– Have a set day where you’ll shop to make sure you have all the foods you need to be successful. Even if your shopping for that isn’t perfect, eating at home, you will probably  help you eat less and better.

Have some type of plan of what you’ll work on. Sometimes we think we will magically change. Despite that we don’t have a plan. Plan some meals out. Make it simple like I’m going have some type lean beef and rice this week. Go with specific thing your work on like, I’m going work on eating more protein and veggies with dinner. Than shop for that plan.

Like they say if you fail o plan, your planning to fail.

Prepare food. When ever this comes up. Most have picture of spending hours in the kitchen on Sunday with a million different tub-ware container.s

That not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about starting small. Here is a few things to think about.

Prep for meals or snack you struggle with.

Prep for meal that your really busy during.

Prep when it convenient  or when your already doing something. Like prepping extra food, while you cook dinner or breakfast

Here are some ideas

Sunday quick prep

Cut veggies up 5-15 minutes

Saute them 5-10 minutes or just throw them in firdge.

Throw a meat in crock pot less than 5 minutes.

Saute meat in a pan, 15-20 minutes.

Boil a dozen eggs. 20 minutes

Bake a fritatta 40 minutes

Daily prep do this while you cook dinner or breakfast

Cook omelette for a quick reheat tomorrow.

Boil eggs

Over night oatmeal.

Make salad and throw meat from diner on it for tomorrow.

Throw left meat in wrap or sandwich

Prep a green smoothie or a protein shake.

Cook extra meat for tomorrow lunch or dinner.

These three things seem simple, but I promise you, if you do it. It will accelerate your results, no  matter what diet or nutrtion protocol your up to.


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