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2 Things To Do ASAP To Supercharge Your Results

I got to see my nephew, play baseball, Sunday. I don’t see him much, because he lives in Connecticut.

And, many other members of my family were there commented, on how big I looked, muscle wise.

It got me thinking how much, I really have changed my body, since I started my journey, 15 years ago.

Many people workout, but some never seem to change there body.

This is due, to many reason , work ethic, consistency, and diet.

But, I’m going talk about 2 concrete things, you can do in the gym TODAY, that will get your body changing.

Get super strong.

Build muscle mass

Help suport getting leaner

#1 Weight changes everything. I posted my lower body lift the other day on Instagram.

It was simple post



split squats

back extension

Reverse hyper extension

Doesn’t seem so crazy, but this can literally be a tail of two different workouts.

One version by going through the motions and not adding to much weight

The other, each lift maximum loaded , so at the end of each set your spent.

Your sweating, muscles are pumped and heart rate racing.

Not only do these two workout feel different, but man the results you’ll get are night and day.

As simple as it may seem, next time your in the gym, go heavy.

You should only be able to do couple more reps, past your rep range.

If your doing a set of squats for 8 reps, you want to pick a weight, that only allows you to do 10 reps max.

#2 The glue that makes this work.

Don’t get going heavy confused, were not look for heavy weight with crappy form and partial ranges of motion.

What makes this work is, pushing the weight heavy and than focusing all your mental and physical power, on doing it great.

To perform and each reps with max control and effort.

You have to own the move, no fast lowering of the weight, and no crappy form.

When you go as heavy as you can, while maintaining great form and control, that when the magic happens.

More muscles

Less injuries

Stromger msucles and bones

Help with fat loss

Key take away

  1. Lift heavy. You should only be able to get a couple more reps, after your prescribed reps

2. Learn how to do the exercises, with great form. Focus on great control and maximally tension the muscles your working

If you give this a try, let me know what you think.


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