Drop Inches With These Strategies

Hi guys, if your reading this. You probably want to lose fat and drop inches all over.

The key to fat loss is reducing calories.

But, where people go wrong is cutting too fast or too much., so it negatively effect your workouts and metabolism

And/or not doing it in way that you can sustain for a long period of time.

All these strategies work, but you want to do without dramatic cuts or doing things you know you can do for a while.


#1 Calories app– This the mos popular one where you log your food to cut calories. The best way to use this. Is ignore there recommendation especially when they add calories after you workout.

You want to not change how you eat and log everything for a week or two. Than from there cut 100-200 cal a day for week or two and see how if effect your weight, clothes and how you look in the mirror. If your getting results stay at that those calories. If your not cut again.

This way can go wrong if you.

Your not honest.

Don’t actually log everything you eat for a week or two.

Your not honest or accurate the portions

Your eating so little that cutting calories will probably just slow down your results more. 1000-1500 is way to low for most people. That case increase your calories to 9-10x your bw


#2 Handul diet– You ball park your food by eating foods based on the size of your hand. You can start to eat a palm of protein, fist of veggies, hand scoop of carbs and thumb of fat with each meal.  Double this for men or athletes

Than do that for a week or two, than if your not getting results simply cut something. Make it simple. Maybe one meal a day your cut out carbs Than see how that effect your results.

#3 and #4 How you eat- I find these very similar but a little different. But, instead focusing on counting calories or what you eat. This is about how you eat, which effect how much you eat in the end.

Especially very effective, if your a fast eater or always seem to eat until your stuffed.

Eating until your 80% full.

Sometimes based on up bringing we might have a habit of eating to we are stuffed because the foods, so good or maybe because you still have food on your plate. If we can focus on eating until your 80% of that stuffed feeling. We start to eat less and lose weight.

The best way to do this is, log your food in journal and ask yourself after each eating opportunity. Did I eat until I was 80% full yes or no

The other one is similar but instead of fullness, you are going try slow it down. You going try to increase how long it takes you to eat. Example say dinner takes you 5 minutes to eat, you are going try to take 10 minutes with the same food.

With this one we want to chew mores, put down our fork in between bites and focus savoring every bite. When you do this you tend to enjoy food more, digest it better and get fuller faster(especially if your eating good food) This one you ,would log the food you ate and write how long ti took to eat.

All these may work, but do the one that seems easiest for you and your preferences.

At the end of the day each one we are trying to

1.Figure out how much we are eating.

2. Cutting it a bit and seeing if that makes a change

3. Adjust as wee need to.

Put this stuff to good use.

If your looking for a little more hands on coaching you to the body you want check out our 12 month transformation program.



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