What is 1 on 1 Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

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1 on 1 Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

This 1 on 1 Online Strength and conditioning Coaching program is about taking what I do in person and making it more accessible and cost-effective.

Training people in person has amazing upsides.

But, it also has a few draws back, which makes it tough for some people

The two big ones are:

The schedule- the times and the days I train simply do not align with your schedule. Online training you get a customized program for you, and you can do it when it is most convenient to you. As well as where you want to train, whether at your home gym or the gym of your choice.

Cost-personalized training can get expensive. 1 on 1 training in Fall River can cost around
$60 per session, I do my training in small groups, so it is a little cheaper. Online training you get more workouts for a lower price point.

My goal with this program is to do everything, I do for my clients in the gym, but remotely

1 on 1 Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

With this program, you’ll get

  • Initial assessment so that I can write the best program for you.
  • Customize workouts 3-4 sessions each week.
  • Access to me M- F, to send me questions and/or videos of you doing exercises, so that I can check your form
  • Week check-in to keep you accountable and iron out any hiccups.
  • Access to our private Facebook group for members only.

But, it isn’t for everyone. I’m going to take all the guesswork out of training, to get you the best results.

But, it won’t be easy.

I need you to do the work.

  • Complete your training session each week
  • Message me any questions you have and send me form videos as needed
  • Answer my check-ins

If you do these things, you’ll make awesome gains: build strength, and muscle, and become a fitter version of yourself.

If you would like to sign up , you can go here and fill out my sign up form

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