Exposed: Is Your Workout And Diet Harming You?

Two major things people jump into fitness for.

  • Fat loss
  • Feel better and more Confident


But, what if the very thing , that we do is actually making,  these two things worse in the long term.


Say you do 21 day, 30 day or an 8 week challenge.


You do great or even ok.


You have lost some inches, built some muscle and feeling a whole lot better about your self.


Than after that, you stop maybe because

-You can’t afford to keep going

-Life gets in the way and gets crazy

-You think your good to enough to do it on your own.


But, than you go back to your old way of living ,usually due,  to how you got results in

the first place wasn’t something you could do 365 days a year.


You gain fat may be more than you originally had. You don’t feel too good about

yourself for doing this.


This is a cycle that happens time and again.


Although you might go periods each year, where you get a little lighter. Year by year you actually put on more body fat.


And doing so your confidence in yourself get’s destroyed and start to question if you should even try anymore.


Maybe your not cut out for this.


Who can blame you, it’s not like you haven’t tried.


This is the cost of constantly starting and pausing. There great article about it here.

Why the “pause-button mentality” is ruining your health and fitness. ‘Getting a fresh start’ isn’t the magic bullet you thought it’d be.


You actually get fatter and have less confidence. Two things you wanted to improve and keep them improved.


This also the cost of doing things you know you can’t do for long period time .


If this is you. Maybe consider doing something more sustainable, something you can do for at least 3 month to a year. If not longer.

That you can do on your most stressful and chaotic weeks.

That might be a program like mine, but maybe not. Although, people have stuck with it for years, there have also been people who haven’t. I’m not for everyone .

Find something you can stick to long term

Somethings you might want think about, to make sure you can.

Can I do this , if I’m having the shittest week every.

This will most likely be the opposite what you have done in the past.

What is your normal approach, what is the complete 180 of that?

That might something worth looking into.

Now, this might not be sexy or what most be people want to here.

Do you want results or do you want another fitness gimmick, that will leave you worse off.


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