Build Muscle With These Three Exercises At Home

No gym no problem

Yesterday home workout I did

Rows on rings 54321 x3( I’ll explain this in a bit)

Dips 2sec pause at the bottom 3sets of 5-7 reps

1 arm row as many reps as possible
2 sets

Shoulder circuit
Iso bent over hold 10 sec
Iso lat raise hold 10 sec
Shoulder circles 8 each direction
Alt lateral raises 8 each arm


You do not  need gym to

Get jacked
Get good swear that will set the tone for the day
Help you burn some fat
Be in great shape for your kids

Want to get those results?

Hit this template up 3-6x week

Do 3 drill per workout

Lunge/squat/deadlift/split squat etc exercise
Push exercise like pushup or press
Row or back exercise like row or pull apart face pull etc

You will hit all the muscles in your body

Work hard for reps of 8-15 reps and for 2-4 sets or time yourself with whatever time you got.

Only equipment you might need is pair dumbells for rows or save money by buying bands instead, do band rows or pull apart or my favorite facepull

Pushups and legs can be body weight. But adding a kb or db wouldn’t hurt. Get some cheap of craigslist or fb shop.

Seem to easy try some of these tips to make these workouts harder and more effective

Increase range of motion

Example elevate your back foot on a coach when do split squats


Put your feet on the coach for pushups

Slow it down

Control the move instead of using momentum, which you shouldn’t do any way.

Example 3-5sec lowering and come up fast. This usually, not only makes it harder but use more of the right muscles. Which will build more muscle.


Add iso holds, pause at the bottom for a few seconds or top or after you do your reps.

Example do 15 squats hold at the bottom for 30 sec.


Do 10 pushups and hold for 2 seconds at the top and bottom for each rep.

Another idea is what I did for the rows above 54321 which is do

5 reps on 5th rep hold for 5 sec
Than right into 4 more, 4th rep hold 4 sec
Than right in to 3 more and 3rd rep hold for 3 sec
Same thing for 2 and 1


Decrease rest

This is super simple decrease your rest by 15-30 sec. Makes a bigger difference than you think, plus will build some cardio too.

Do as many sets as possible as you can for a time like 5 minutes, 10 or 15 minutes. Great for those super busy dads.

Pick total rep range like 50-100 Rows and do it in as few sets as possible as resting little too.

Hope this helped

Active dads raise active kids
Get strong💪 and build muscle

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