A Workout You Will May Like!

I made a little change to my interval workout yesterday. I thought my reasoning for wanting to do it. Could be helpful to you.

But, before I get into this.

Nutrition is tough and it hard to make changes. So, why not enjoy your workout a little more.

I’m not advocating an easy or not working hard. But, if you can do a workout that you enjoy or workout out you hate . And both get you similar results. Why not do the one you enjoy.

Back to my workout. I had this workout planed. It was an interval workout 30 sec on with 40 sec rest in between exercise’s for 3 rounds.

kb snatches

med ball slams

grappler throws with the rope

sled push

rope row

But, I wasn’t super motivated and I haven’t done any kick boxing or boxing in couple months. Wanted to do something like that. So I replaced med ball slams with all out boxing punches and the rope row with roundhouse kicks(Which I find wicked fun).

So it looked like this

kb snatches


grappler throws

sled pushes

roundhouse kicks for those same intervals.

My big point here is if your main goals is to move, burn calories, get strong and toned. You don’t have to do things you hate.

Try this workout pick 5 exercise you love or maybe you don’t hate. Do 30 sec on and 30-60 sec off for 3 rounds.

So if you hate bur pies , don’t do them. If you like jump rope better do that.

You’ll feel a lot better and it wont take so much will power to train.

What are your favorite five exercise that you can fit into this interval workout.

These ones I love or like

jump squats


kickboxing drills


jump rope

These ones I don’t have so much love for

lunges or step ups

rope drills

kb swings

high knees

So fill your workout with things that challnge you and that you enjoy(at the very least don’t hate)

Let’s spread the idea that exercise can be fun and rewarding . That isn’t a form of punishment or torture.

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